Best Urban Gardens In Istanbul Near Me

1. Gülhane Park - Cankurtaran

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Gülhane Park
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Address: Cankurtaran, Kennedy Cd., 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Park

Gülhane Park: what do users think?
Dr. Lulu Md: Tulips were planted in the park. Although some of them were on their deathbed, they looked beautiful. It would be more logical to go at the beginning of April for tulips. There is no need to describe the beauty of the grove.
Seda K: a peaceful environment
Hidayet Sert: A park in Istanbul that relaxes the body and soul of the person. Those who come to Istanbul should definitely stop by
Kadir Arı: So beautiful as always
Mveriş 82: Beautiful
Christopher Amano-Langtree: This is a very nice park with lots of trees and ancient monuments intermingled. It's very peaceful if you go early.
Jules A L “Jules” Smith: Beautiful place to sit relax by the water, established 1923, wonderful relaxing music, excellent service, extremely clean, absolutely blissful and 💯 recommend.
Cumhur Özmermer: Temiz, sakin, dinlendiren bir alan, yemek, çay, tuvalet imkânları mevcut..
Volkan Doğan: Topkapi sarayının eteklerinde huzur içinde büyük bir yürüyüş yolu papaganlarin cıvıltıları sesleri eşliğinde beltur un çayı kahvesi eski günlerdeki gibi
Lulu The Kid: pleasant park
Mehmet TANRIVERDİ: Güzel yer
Bushra Khattat: Childhood pureness.. laughter.. and it is located in the heart of Istanbul. 💜
Aziza Munshi: روووعة مكان يشعرك بالراحة النفسية
Mozn Bahry: There is a very large park, some expensive restaurants and children's games for a pleasant walk. Due to the difficulty of stopping, it is preferable to reach the park by public transport, not by car. The best time to see the Tulip Festival is in April.
nazife kaymak: Ulaşımı kolay, çocuklar için oyun parkı mevcut o kalabalığa rağmen temiz. Mescit te abdest alacak yer mevcut. Görevli bayan herkesle ilgilendi düzen kurmaya çalıştı. Bunlar bizim için hayaldi gerçek oldu.Emeyi geçenlerden Allah razı olsun.Restrooms: Çok te temizdi.
Omar Salamat: Good place to visit
Jerry Chang: Fun place to shop and have some dessert and tea. A bit too crowded for my liking.
Yuliya Shingareva: Playground: GoodRestrooms: Busy and not clean. 1 lira
Ecaterina Godoroja -Tincu: Parcul e imediat linga Palatul TopKapi.E foaaaaaarte ingrijit si ai voie sa stai si direct pe iarba verde.O intrare in parc este de linga Palat iar alta intrare este de linga faleza cu Strimtoarea Bosfor, de unde se iau feriboturi pentru a merge pe partea asiatica.
Ahmet Yusuf Durmuş: Everywhere is full of Arabs 🤢
Ike Puspitasari: Playground: It s safe to bring children and use as a playgroundRestrooms: There are restroomsDog-friendliness: It’s dog friendlinessPicnic area: A nice picnic area to go with friends or families

2. Yıldız Park - Yıldız Mahallesi

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Yıldız Park
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Address: Yıldız, 34349 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Park

Yıldız Park: what do users think?
ipek: Huzurlu
RECEP UMAN: Istanbul beşiktaş yıldız parkı görülmeye değer çok güzel bir yer.tavsiye ederim
Hameed Az: One of the largest parks in Istanbulso beautifulI recommend visiting itAdmission is free without a carIt is possible to enter by car for 47 Turkish liraThe whole park can be rotated by car
ahmet yaralioglu: İstanbul uzun bayram tatili nedeniyle boşalmışken Yıldız Parkında temiz hava almak için aracımızla gelip 2 saat zaman geçirdik.Yanımızda termosta sıcak çay da vardı. Ağaçların arasında temiz hava başımızı döndürdü. Ara sıra gelip bu sessizlikte dinlenmek çok faydalı bence.
Alp Utku Cankut: Harika, çok güzel
Edanur Dinler: There are large green areas. There is a bridge and a pond in it, and there are fish, frogs and ducks in it. It's a quiet place. There are places where you can buy drinks available in the cafeteria. There is a playground. Sports fields are available. A wide variety of bird species trees and squirrels are available. It is forbidden to light a fire. Your pets can be walked on a leash. It is located between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy. There is a WC in the park.Dog-friendliness: Geniş yeşil alanlar dostlarımız için harika bir yerPicnic area: Geniş yeşillik alanlar mevcut
nuri genç: We had a picnic as a bride, groom, family and children and ate dinner. It is blowing, the sea view, the pool, the walking track, everything is great
Atakan: I claim that Istanbul'ds is the best park to go to, it's beyond perfect squirrels, felan valley, number ten for breakfast, although it was crowded on weekdays, it was crowded, come prepared, it's not right to say the park is open air museum, there are 3 palaces in it, there are 3 palaces in it.
ibrahim achkar: مكان جدا رائع مسافات كبيرة بط و عصافير واشجار عالم تاني والأحلى من هيك إنه فيها كافيتريا و فيها أنهار جميلة و جسور معلقة عن نفسي حبيتها
asiye: a park with nothing to say bad. A great place to rest your head. a place with ducks, turtles, big big fish. I highly recommend crossing the bridges. It's a lot of fun, like a trampoline. if you zip once, you can zip someone on the other side of the bridge :D it's fun, go see it.
Mr. Tâlhâ: It is such a peaceful park.It also has a social facility. I advise
Özcan KARADAĞ: Peaceful amazing place
Selin Beşirli: A place to rest away from the noise of Istanbul. No more words needed 🏼 🏻
Esmanur Cihangir: A great place, those who want to have a good time can go 👌🏽
Ольга Мiтрова: very good place to stay. nice and clean
Ayşe Aras: Yıldız Park is a very beautiful place, I like it very much, it gives people peace and happiness. It is a place to rest and relax, that is, a place to go with the family.
Muhammed Akın SEVEN (GDO'Lu Çekirge): It was beautiful.
Kanber Temurtaş: A corner of paradise for nature lovers.
Talal: حديقة جميلة ، اصوات طيور ، و اشجار متنوعه و جلسات و مناظر حلوه ، يوجد فيها مطعم و كوفي ، لكن يُفضل تأخذ وجبتك و قهوتك معك و انت جاي
hüseyin düzenli: Peace …
Mustafa Yaylak: A peaceful place in Istanbul, away from Istanbul.

3. Ataturk Arboretum - Bahçeköy Kemer Mahallesi

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Ataturk Arboretum
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Address: İstanbul Üniversitesi, Kemer, Orman Fakültesi, 34450 Sarıyer/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue

Telephone: +90 212 226 19 29

Business type: Arboretum

Ataturk Arboretum: what do users think?
Dmitry Vysokovsky: Приятный парк для прогулок и созидания, много разных растений, хороший воздух.
Иван Иванов: Батанический сад сам по себе небольшой, очень уютный и красивый,приемущественно с хвойными посадками, небольшими прудами.Вход стоит 45 лир, в парке кроме туалетов нет ничего развлекательного на территории запрешена еда ,отдых с природой и хвойным воздухом то что вас там ждёт.
efkan basar: Visited on Weekday Wait time No waitMore
Caglar Can: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
Ebru Soyal: I liked it very much, quiet and calm Beltur's ice cream was great, it was a reward at the end of the walk, it was also very enjoyable to watch the pond
Dr. Mohammad S. AlShiab: Great park for relaxationVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Seda V: Quiet and beautiful place. I would expect there to be gazebos to sit on. Parking is available and free.
Devran Başbayram: doğası çok güzel ama şöhretinin biraz abartıldığını düşünüyorum.(Translated by Google
Gamsız Seyyah: It has an incredible atmosphere. All your stress and anxiety disappear while walking inside. You relax spiritually as a whole with nature. The abundance of biodiversity also creates a visual feast.If you are very narrow spiritually, I recommend you to go and calm your soul.
Muhammet Ali Yıldız: A beautiful place in nature away from the noise.There's not really a busy line. For those who do not know this place, I am telling you that there is no barbecue here. There is no situation for me to buy tea and coffee inside. Come with your family and take a good breath.
Erhan YÜCE: There are definitely thousands of trees together, which should be in every city. Very nice walking paths, very attentive surroundings, exactly a place to breathe and learn. The place of effective kqdrags is also in a way..Adult admission is 17 TL on weekdays and 45 TL on weekends.
Mohamed Mohamed: Great place to visit and escape the business of Istanbul in a close distance.
Serkan Tunç: There are no directions, there is nothing inside, food is forbidden, it's like a survivor. And 45 TL is a disgrace
aslı kitapcı: The places are always cobblestone. If you are going with your baby, keep in mind that it is impossible to travel with a stroller.
ismail beyec: A quiet and peaceful forest to walk, not as beautiful as belgrade, but I think it should be seen. Definitely one of the best places for photography.
Ugur Gursoy: Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended NoMore
Hasan Torun: I paid 50 liras to walk in the village forest you know and sit by the lake. It was the worst $50 waste of my life. Even walking around the forested land in Istanbul costs money.
Murat Süzük: I think the entrance fee is a bit too high, but since this fee and only water can be inserted inside, it is very peaceful.You can come a little early and catch the peace.
ferman günaydın: a little paradiseVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More

4. Emirgan Park - Emirgan Mahallesi

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Emirgan Park
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Address: Reşitpaşa, Emirgan Sk., 34467 Sarıyer/İstanbul, Turkey

Business type: Park

Emirgan Park: what do users think?
ام عبدالرحمن ،: The garden is beautiful, and there is a cafe in front of the lake, very nice. Its prices are very cheap, but it does not have sessionsYou buy and go to any place in the garden and sit next to this cafe, a delicious ice cream shop with cheap pricesAnd near above the lake there is a cafe and sessions at reasonable prices
abdulkadir öztürk: Very very good
Ww Ww: Covering a large area, this grove appeals to everyone and smells really sweet.
Sinan Menteş: Very nice place to relax
Kadir Arı: very beautiful as always
Mehmet Uzun: Quiet, calm and in touch with nature
Walid Shaban: Clean Air
RIDVAN: the view is enough
Saad Al-Otaibi: A large and beautiful garden for quiet walks, worth a visit, and for lovers of heavy weights and weights, they get tired because of its heights and slopesThere is a glass view next to the restroomsIn front of it is the seashoreHe takes two walks by a walkLike if you like my comment
Furkan Celik: cool clean natural
Kamran Eliyev: nice nice
يزيد الحميد: تغذية بصرية
enver sözüer: The children's park is very beautiful. I am sharing the prices of the parking lot 50 TL. yellow pavilion in the picture.
ÜMİT: A must visit place for the family during the week
Adil Bengül: It's too bad, even the fish in the water in the pools are not visible, the flowers are dry from thirst.
محمد منير: جميلة لكن بعيدة عني
Erol Yildirim: Beautiful place and worth seeing
Sinan “Seyyah”: Very nice family place
merve Kaytuka: Restrooms: Temiz
Erdal Ergin: Pazar günü erken saatlerde gidince yer bulduk, öğle saatlerinde çok yoğun.park sorunu yaşıyorsunuz. Hafta içi daha kolay, bu seferde trafik sorunu. ( İstanbul da yaşamak boyle 😄) Kentin içinde vaha gibi. Yillardir severek gittiğim yer..
Huseyin Oral Yalcinkaya: İstanbul'un uzak ara en güzel korusu

5. Bahçeşehir Gölet Park - Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım Mahallesi

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14783 reviews
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Address: Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım, 34488 Başakşehir/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +90 4440669

Business type: Arboretum

Bahçeşehir Gölet Park: what do users think?
Mhmmad Karajeh: جميل و هناك الكثير من النشاطات
erdoğan bakır: A clean place to rest your head. but there is no mosque.
Maha Rayes: ❤️❤️
Dhahir alsaedi: متنزه بحيرة بهجة شهير تقع في منطقة بهجة شهير وتعتبر من المرافق الحكومية التابعة لبلدية باشاك شهير في الطرف الاوروبي من إسطنبول تحتوي على العديد من المرافق كملاعب الأطفال ومسارات للمشي ونوافير ومقاهي ومطاعم
Alperen Kılıç: It is a quiet and beautiful place, you can come with your family. There is lush greenery and plenty of walking space. there is no parking problem around ispark
Eng Adel Shanan: مكان مناسب للعائلة والاستمتاع بالطبيعة والمقاهي العصرية
İbrahim Atsiz: 5 para etmez içki mekanları ile dolu,mescid yok biraz daha muhafazakarlar için alan olusturulabilir
Serkan yıldırım servis-im cep servis: Her yönden kalite bir yer tavsiye ediyorum
Bozo Bozo: Schöne Aussicht. Vor allem für Kinder schön
Muhammet Nezif Emek: The pond of the ages. It is constantly growing and developing.Picnic area: Çok güzel ve yeterli
Ahmad Alsarraj: رائع جدا للعائله والأنشطة والحفلات والاطفال به خدمات متنوعه بحاجة فقط دورات مياه
Ayman Fateh: Totally amazing Place, Should visit
mesut karakulak: Her türlü mekan bulabileceğiniz bir yer.
نوار عبد الكريم: Nice
GENCO: Sanki bir outlaws başkenti
Özlem Aydın Dağkuş: Nefes almak için seve seve kaçtığımız bir alan göl kenarında balıkçılar mevcut.piknik alanları gayet temiz,göl kenarına sandalyenizi alıp oturabiliyorsunuz.yürüyüş alanları var.Playground: Gondol salıncaklar keyifli, birçok aktivite alanı var.Picnic area: Göletin hemen üst kısmında geniş bir alan ayrılmış piknik için.
Cgty V: Her çeşit yer var
Muzaffer Atilla: It's a nice place, but the intensity of the kids bothered me. Shouldn't the children come? Of course they will come. This is just my experience.
SOA: The shops are well organized, there is something missing, guess what? C☆
abdul syria: تستحق التجربة و لكن فقط في الصيف

6. Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden - Çamlık Mahallesi

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Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden
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Address: Atatürk Mahallesi Ataşehir Bulvarı, Rıfat Danışman Sok., 34758 Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Mon

Telephone: +90 216 456 44 37

Business type: Botanical garden

Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden: what do users think?
Semih TOYGAR: A free city park. A nice place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are several animal species and a variety of trees and flowers. After 2-3 hours, you can go to the Metropol AVM opposite. Let me also mention that it is not a place to stay all day long. A short-term resting place.
sapphireable: You can go with your family and have a picnic inside. A place where children can enjoy spending time. It is also a beautiful botanical park for the enthusiasts.
İlknur Mucuk: It is a magnificent atmosphere, not a very large area, but a very enjoyable place to visit, even wedding shootings are done.
Burhan Koca: Both a walking area with your partner and a recreation area for the family, the waters could be cleaner, covered with moss, but in general, it is a nice area in the city.
arif srwat assaf عارف سروت عساف: A very beautiful botanical garden in Istanbul, Asia, Ataşehir
ASSAF TRADING CO: Very nice garden
Melek Çelik korkmaz: I'm in love, it's really beautiful
EsKu: 🔺Nature is a nice place to take a walk, take pictures and get to know the plants.🔸 they do not take balls, scooters and chairs inside.🔸 you can't sit on the grass and have a picnic. You can only sit at the tables.It is forbidden to eat shelled foods such as seeds and peanuts.🔹 if you plan to go, you should prepare accordingly.
uzra metre: Free parking and attention. Thanks. Also, the cleanliness of the interior is something to be admired. It is also pleasing to pay attention to the toilets. Well done to those involved.
İbrahim Özçelik: You will know it as a park that is in the middle of the ring roads, but you will not be able to park your car and leave without seeing it again when you find yourself turning for the entrance.
Ozan Yavuz: You have to come by the metropolitan mall.
hakan abatay: Kalabalığın içinde harika bir yer.sebeb olanlara çok teşekkürler.
Gülbahar Elik: Çok güzel. Çiçekler beni çok etkiledi. Bu kadar çok çeşit çiçek olduğunu bile bilmiyodum. Çocuklar için oyun alanları var. Çok büyük bir alana yapmışlar, o yüzden gez gez bitmiyor. Sadece otabanın yanında olması biraz fazla sesli olmasına neden oluyo.
tuğrul sezer: Yollar tünel gibi kapatılsa doğallık biraz daha gerçekçi olur gürültü kirlilik gider
Utku Barış Andaç: Her gidişimizde ayrı bir tecrübe yaşıyoruz. Allah razı olsun Gokyiğit ailesinden diyorum her seferinde.Bu gidişimizde Sakura ağaçlarının çiçek açma vaktini yakalık.Sizde Bahar ayının gelişini bizim gibi kutlayabilirsiniz ve anılarınızı süsleyebilirsiniz.Playground: Parktan ziyade çok özel etkinlik alanları var, labirentler kum havuzları...Restrooms: Çok TemizDog-friendliness: Köpekler kendini kral gibi hissediyor buradaPicnic area: Var. On numara masaları ve kamelyaları mevcut. Ördek ve kaz çeteleri var onları beslemeniz lazım :)
Doğanay Akdoğanbulut: Ataşehir'in göbeğinde bir cennet köşesi
Emine Yagmur: Я разочарованна, мы проделали такой путь на встречу с сакурой. Люди, берите с собой воду, в парке нет ни одной лавки где бы можно было купить напитки или даже воды... Парк в целом красивый, не более того, если вы голодны или мучает жажда это явно не место посиделок

7. Best Garden Hotel - Molla Gürani Mahallesi

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150 reviews
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Address: Molla Gürani, Şehit Pilot, Mahmut Nedim Sokak No:2, 34096 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 521 04 49

Business type: Serviced accommodation

Best Garden Hotel: what do users think?
Mohammed Alamoudi: نسيت شي مهم بقيمة اكثر من 300 دولار ولكن ليس لديهم امان ، والمعاملة للعرب عكس معاملة الاتراك يحوالون زيادة الاسعار على العرب بطرق ملتوية جداً .
Ibrahim Nemr: فندق جيد والخدمة ممتازةRooms: الغرف واسعة
Jeton Demiri: It's a great place, especially hotel rooms, I feel like at my own home, bosses, very good staff super
Мистер Никто: The rooms are very nice, the inside of the hotel is very clean and meticulous, I like it very muchRooms: Cok guzel ve cok sakin cok temizNearby activities: Cocuk parki metro trenSafety: ZWalkability: XxFood & drinks: Cay kahve kozdeNoteworthy details: Xkaka
-Amal Nashed: A very wonderful hotel in all respects. The reception staff are all tidy and cheerful. The buffet is very good. All the hotel workers are helpful. You feel at home.Food & drinks: ادارة الفندق تهتم بكرم الضيافة وتوفر للزبائن القهوة والشاي مع البسكوت والسكاكر مجانا وبوفيه الافطار منوع والخيارات كثيرة فيه
La vie est belle: Poor services in exchange for the financial value, and there is a person sitting at the reception, a fraud. The agreement was 30 dollars for a night, but when I told him that it was my last night, he said, “No, the amount will be 45 dollars without 30.”
Aloush Tbaa: I visited the hotel for about a week. The reception service was excellent and very helpful, especially the young man Majd Sukkar. He was very helpful with us. The rooms are excellent and large, and the breakfast is more than wonderful. I highly recommend this hotel in terms of cleanliness and elegant treatment
Hamza Haidara: فندق مميز بخدماته والكوفي جدا مميز انصح الجميع به
BLACK WATAN: مكان جدا مميز ونظيف شكرا على الخدمات الجميلة
Majd Sukar: مكان جدا جميل انصح به جميع الزوار القادمين الى اسطنبول جدا نظيف ومميز
Gabi Sadi: ننصحكم بزيارتهRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More

8. Garden Mezze - Mimar Kemalettin Mahallesi

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693 reviews
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Address: Mimar Kemalettin, Beyazıt, Mithat Paşa Cd. no1 34130, 34130 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +90 532 349 02 38

Business type: Restaurant

9. Maçka Park - Harbiye Mahallesi

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1419 reviews
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Maçka Park
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Address: Harbiye, Maçka Cd., 34367 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Park

Mevhibe Aydın: It was beautiful, quiet, peaceful, we loved it, we had a good time as a family, and there is a park in the park. It is very enjoyable to go by cable car.
Noof Owaidah: حديقة رائعه جدا لتمضيه اليوم والتنزه والجلوس
Robert D.: A relaxing park in the middle of the city. Great atmosphere.
gülay koçak: everybody there
MO RAHMAN: One of the great places for families and friends, to hang out and enjoy beautiful scenes of lots of trees and park items and also use the zip line fairy from one side of the park the other side. We spent some good time in theater and notice it’s very safe for kids to play around while parents are nearby.
Fenomen_ beauty1: حلوه بس الحديقه للشباب مو مكان بتاع العواىل
ınnomınate: A very orderly place.
Onur Aykutlu: perfect as always
anıl gülbul: (Translated by Google
Mehmet Enes Arık: The environment is very nice, but in the summer, people can come to unrest. It is useful to sit close to the upper entrance.Restrooms: Tuvaletler 1 TL İBB ye ait ve güzel
Zeki Coşkun: It's a clean, green, beautiful area where people can walk freely, play sports and even dance. It seems to me that the only handicap of the people here is to try to be like a westerner...
Jawad Taouili: nice place. calm an relaxing
Güler Efe: It's a nice place similar to the star park in Beşiktaş. There is a covered cable car at the top with a subscription fee. It has a fun and nice atmosphere.Dog-friendliness: Genellikle köpekli aileler gezinti turları yapıyor ama doğum günü gibi etkinliklerde yapılıyordu.
Ryan Boghdeh: Adorable and peaceful! Love it l 💙❤
cem demir: perfect place
Hasan Karaman: This is a very beautiful place, I love it, I want everyone to visit this park.Restrooms: Tuvaletler 1 TL ve çok temiz işlerini laikiyle yapıyorlar. Tebrik ederimDog-friendliness: Köpek parkı olması cok güzel
Berkay ÇİÇEKÇİ: Vakit geçirmek için İstanbul içindeki güzel bir park. Bizim gibi toplanıp dans edenlerde var oturup sohbet muhabbet edenlerde... Güzel ve temiz bir park
latifa mhd: Very nice park
Alien Emin: Yıldız Park'ının yerini tutmaz

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