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1. Cambridge Academy - ingilizce kursu - Fulya

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Cambridge Academy - ingilizce kursu
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Address: Fulya, No:42-46 K:6, Büyükdere Cd., 34394 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +90 212 266 89 06

Business type: English language school

Cambridge Academy - ingilizce kursu: what do users think?
Menna Ahmed: I highly recommend if anyone wants to take a course there, it's amazing everyone is so friendly
naser akp: Best customer service
ali Ahmad: I absolutely do not recommend it, an institution that does not care about students, but never, once you pay the tuition fees, you will be ignored Excessively high fees for below average service
Ghazaleh Khajeh nasiri: Best English School ever
حسن العلي: a wonderful experience that I ever had
Ibrahim mohamed Omer: I entered Cambridge without knowing anything about English. I studied for about six months and became a fluent English speaker.
Fatima Elhakimy: İ do not recommend this school at all , İ worked there for 2 weeks İ did not like the system which is really boring,and the most important is that after two weeks of teaching İ did not get my payement for no reason .انا لا انصح بالتسجيل في مدرسة لا تعطي حقوقموظفيها وفي المقابل تجني مبالغ من المتعلمين تغطي مايكفي ، بحجة أن الموظف ترك الوظيفة لاسباب قاهرة . حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل .It was an hourly paid position so I must be paid even if I worked only 1 hour ,whatever happens and before I left I informed the manager and I explained my reasons .
asma nur: teachers are very good
Abdo Mouhamed: The teachers are all good
عيسى الذيب: About my experience, it is the best institute I studied at a beautiful institute and their teaching is wonderful. I advise everyone to try it
Ahmed Mahram: The most interesting place to learn English I have been studying ther for five months I can speak, read, write and listen
Sara: I really love this place, i came hesitant if i could learn english or not, they helped me so much and I’m impressed by the high leve of education they provide, learning a language through fun! Highly recommend
Emir: Very good school
lounis mohamed el bachir: It’s not a serious school I studied there for 3 month and I asked for my refund money but they Didn’t they changed all the system to do not give back money to the students who are out side turkey they are a cheating school
adam adam: Amazing👏🙀😯
Елена Торгашова: Мне 36 лет, я из России. Изучаю английский в школе уже 2,5 недели. Школа мне нравится, нравится система образования. Уроки проходят легко, интересно, без рутины. В школе можно заниматься утром, днём и вечером. Рекомендую школу не только студентам, но и работающим.Единственное, предложила бы школе ввести ещё и курсы интенсива - когда можно было обучаться английскому весь день (с утра до вечера).
Татьяна Александрова: Thanks a lot this school, I improve my English a lot)))Thank you!!!!
Ebru ebru: I am very glad that I studied at Cambridge Academy. It was very enjoyable to learn English by making new friends without getting bored by doing a lot of speaking practice in the lessons.
Sara Gül Avcı: A language course where we can practice a lot👍🏻 Staff and teachers are very caring
Saadbouh Khoumany: Positive:Quality
Mohye Auob: Positive:Communication,Value

2. British Side - Cihannüma Mahallesi

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British Side
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Address: Cihannüma, Barbaros Blv. No:91, 34353 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +90 212 327 27 01

Business type: English language school

British Side: what do users think?
Eli Mema: This one of the best language center in Istanbul! I had my oet test there and the staff were so friendly.polite, kind and professional at the same time. The all ambience was very friendly and took my stress out. I fully recommend British Side!!🙂🇬🇧🇬🇷
bora wen: The ielts women examiner is so elegant nice and classic. I was nervous before exam, but during the exam she made me so comfortable that I can talk with her in a normal way. Pls help me to tell her that I am very grateful for her performance😭😭😭
Rana Sargın: Awesome!
Samine Sb: Took my ielts exam hereEverything was great! The staff were really helpful and friendly!
Hargan Koseoglu: Ingilizce konusunda uzman bir kadro mevcut .IELTS sınavları da burada olmaktadır. Otopark sorunu var sadece mümkün ise arabayla gitmeyin.
Gökhan Deniz: A language school that is very successful in its business and concerned about its students. Me and my cousin were very satisfied. We recommend this place directly to all our friends who want to learn a language. In addition, to open a parenthesis, Esin and İlayda, who work in the course department, answered all our questions patiently and with a smiling face, which helped us a lot throughout our entire training process. Good luck to the whole team
zeynep zeyno: We came early in the morning, it is impossible to wait in the cafe below because of the cigarette smoke. What is smoking in the place with KSps, what era are we in. We are waiting outside as non-smokers. I will complain about this institution.
BURAK: What is it in that cafe indoors, we can't sit under the smoke of cigarette smoke, it's full turkis brother, is the window open, okay, if you ask, we say there is a smoking ban indoors 😉
Mustafa Dirice: General English and IELTS courses are an institutional English course, which consists entirely of foreign teachers, uses Cambridge publications, was opened by the founders of the British Council, which was located in Taksim and moved to Beşiktaş, near him, and is also an IELTS exam center.
Zeynep Öztürk: It should not be preferred for the IELTS exam. Either the electricity is cut off or there is no teacher to do the speaking test, they change the day of the test you choose face-to-face without your approval and they do it online. Unfortunately, there is no authority that can assist in the matter.
Enis AKTAŞ: I came for my IELTS test. Everyone was smiling and friendly.
Asalettin Arslanoğlu - DİSK İst. Bölge Temsilcisi: It is not possible to sit in the cafeteria on the ground floor because of cigarette smoke. Smokers sit indoors, while non-smokers and uncomfortable people like me leave the venue and wait outside.Moreover, primary school aged children who smoke while they are in the venue easily continue their illegal and unhealthy activities.
Taner Aktas: I went to get information, I was afraid that the security at the door wouldn't get weird. They were kept inside. I guess they forgot. On the way out, I said I bought a brochure and talked to the English course next to it. I left the brochure and left. I don't understand what kind of institution this is.
ABDULGHAFOOR KHAN: Good center for learning English
ulviye ay: Junior 7-14 age group is an institution that goes to their feet and behaves as if I want to register for free from the lottery, they say a price face to face and increase the price every time I call, an institution that does not suit an educational institution....
Serdar Ay: The price is said to be 8250 TL last month. you are looking today, it is said to be 9,500 TL. We couldn't register from last year. Although we left so many notes, they did not show any interest, they did not call once, and every time we call, different prices are said. business, not course
Marziyeh Nafar: One of the best pte centers in Istanbul,convenient,good cabins and always quiet
Kadir Bilgi: I went for IELTS exam, kind staff and very nice environment
Derya s.: In the past, it was a very high quality institution whose staff was usually American English teachers. Now, with the effect of the economic and political problems in our country, most of the teachers have become Arab and Iranian. I respect everyone's hometown, but learning from a native English speaker is not the same as learning from an Iranian.
Sajad Najar: Very respectful staff. Well coordinated center
ömer sarıtaş: You say how was every place I passed by Google sapitt. .God forbid, if I passed by the brothel by accident, don't ask everything you ask, bro.

3. Royal Turkish Schools - Gümüşsuyu Mahallesi

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82 reviews
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Royal Turkish Schools
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Address: Gümüşsuyu, Mete Cd. No:20, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 212 244 27 62

Business type: Language school

Royal Turkish Schools: what do users think?
Imane Ramadan: Great school. I learned a lot in my 2 weeks there. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Our teacher Elena was great.
Hatem Altaie: Il est parfois très difficile de pouvoir trouver une bonne école pour apprendre une langue. Vivant en Turquie, mon objectif était de pouvoir comprendre et parler cette magnifique langue. Je me suis inscris à l'école Royal Turkish School avec mon partenaire et après 4 semaines de cours, je suis beaucoup plus à l'aise pour comprendre et échanger avec des Turcs. Ma prof Elif est sensationnelle dans son approche, elle est patiente, très gentille et surtout on apprend énormément et de façon très fun. Donc en 4 semaines j'ai passé mon niveau A1 et je prévois de poursuivre mon éducation en Turque afin de me parfaire. Un mot sur l'école et l'équipe. L'école est située en plein cœur d'Istanbul près de la place de Taksim et donc à 5 min à pied du métro (très pratique), les lieux sont très propres, accueillant et confortable. Toute l'équipe: les autres profs, les dames à l'administration dont Zhanna, la Chef en cuisine Aysel sont tout simplement ADORABLE, très courtois, d'une gentillesse extraordinaire et dont à l'écoute de toute suggestion ou besoin. on se sent à la maison tellement l'ambiance est chaleureuse. C'est un réel plaisir de participer tous les jours (5 jours par semaine) de 13h30 à 16h05 à mes cours de Turque et ce pendant 4 semaines. J'apprends dans un environnement confortable, où les gens sont adorable et cela me permet de communiquer dans cette langue magnifique qu'est le Turc. Merci à toute l'équipe et cette nouvelle famille qu'on s'est fait: ELIF (prof extraordinaire), AYSEL, ZHANNA, ELLENA, ECE et toute l'équipe dont je n'ai pas les noms mais qui font que l'école Royal Turkish soit un super organisme pour apprendre. Merci
Shynar Yessirkep: The best school ever!!!1. It feels like a family there, everybody is nice and welcoming, manager Zhanna is kind and always ready to help.2. My teacher was Elif and she was so hardworking, teaching and explaining everything detaily and clearly, lessons were interesting and involving every person in the class, we did a lot of grammar, listening, reading and speaking. I am sure every other teacher does the same as Elif. I took classes during 3 weeks and now I am able to speak and express my opinion, ask for help from the people on the street and talk.3. Aysel is the kindest person there:) Offering coffee and tea every break time, speaking and practicing Turkish with students, helping them to feel themself comfortable.4. I preferred to be accommodated with a Turkish family and it was the best decision I took in order to practice the language and feel the Turkish atmosphere. Delicious breakfasts and dinners every day and talks while drinking tea at home will be remembered with pleasant memories.5. I thank every person involved in this school's organization for great work they are doing to teach foreigners English.
Ольга: Всем привет! Я обучалась в данной школе 2 недели, за это время мой турецкий язык заметно улучшился, стало легче говорить и читать:) Обучалась у преподавателя Şeyma (Шейма). Она отвечала на все вопросы и подбирала задания на нужные темы. Всем рекомендую!Материалы для обучения предоставляются школой. (Книги и блокнот, распечатки для уроков.)
Julia Schuler: (Translated by Google
Gülcan Erden: Ich hatte zwei Wochen Unterricht bei Emine. Ich habe mich sehr willkommen gefühlt. Das Sprachniveau wurde an meine Kenntnisse angepasst. Durch Übungsaufgaben außerhalb des Kurses und durch viel Kommunikation innerhalb des Kurses konnte ich schon große Fortschritte bei mir feststellen. Außerdem war die Stimmung im Kurs großartig :) Es hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Ich würde diesen Kurs jedem empfehlen, der etwas von Istanbul sehen und dabei Türkisch lernen möchte.
Beatrix Sonderegger: I had three wonderful weeks at Royal Turkish School. Elif teached us in a really wonderful entertaining way a lot of grammar. Although Turkish for me is quite difficult to learn (çok kolay değil, Elif 😉), we had a lot of fun, l learned a lot, and yes, l started to speak😁. Thanks a lot for everything, Elif.And of course there is Aisel who wonderfully looks after the pupils, preparing tee and coffee in the breaks, spoils them with chats and soup and does everything to make them feel at their ease. Thanks a lot Aisel! Thanks to everyone. It would be great to come back, see you 🤗
Thomas Ducoulombier: I had an amazing time at the school. It really helped me improve my Turkish, and made me feel more confident and motivated to speak it. Special thanks to my teacher Emine, who was lovely, patient and helpful (on top of being a very competent teacher). This school is as good as language teaching gets! Very worth it. I could only do 2 weeks but would do much more if I could.Her şey için, teşekkürler !! Yakında görüşürüz !
Ирина Владимировна: Привет, ребята! Я училась в этой школе неделю и это было интересно, весело и продуктивно. Реально! Я брала интенсив, начальный курс. Не знала ни одного слова. Какой результат? Я читаю вывески и меню в кафе, приветствие и заказ в ресторане, поздравление и прощание, счёт до 100 . Благодарю нашу учительницу Елену Ханым. Всегда улыбчивая, активная, терпеливая❣️В школе есть замечательная и позитивная кофе-Леди по имени Айсель. У нас всегда был свежезаваренный чай и кофе.Благодарю ее от всего сердца.Вся команда школы дружелюбные, позитивные, отзывчивые ребята❣️ ООднозначно рекомендую❣️💯Ирина.
Olga Ozfiliz: . Not forgetting to mention the tea/coffee and dessert breaks! The cakes were heavenly delicious (ellerine sağlık!
Christiane Stübing: I had a great week at this school! That makes learning fun! Small groups, very professional, super nice team all around. we were always supplied with drinks and more. I repeated and learned a lot in group lessons with Emine and in individual lessons with Şeyma. Both have a lot of patience and keep encouraging people to speak up as this was my "problem".I would love to come back as a week was way too short.4/28/23It was another super week with Şeyma. I'll definitely be back. The private lessons brought me a lot. I still have trouble speaking, but she knows how to encourage and motivate me.
kakuru: There were no Japanese students, but there were many sites from Taiwan, Europe, the United States, and countries around Turkey, and I was able to meet new people every week.I studied here for four weeks, and I think that most of the students here are working adults who use their vacations to study. So I thought it would be a quick turnaround.As other people have said, the class is a small class, so I think there are many opportunities to speak Turkish. However, I have only attended here, so I don't have a language school to compare.I enjoyed my classes every day.thank you.
Timo Jaeschen: Much more than a great language school!It’s been my second time with RTS in Istanbul and I can highly recommend it.The school uses great learning material. Teachers are welcoming and motivating, so you’ll experience almost immediate progress. Talking in class, yet hard in the beginning, is guarantee for success. I want to give special thanks to my amazing teachers Sena and Emine. Further, a big thank you to Aysel, who is so fun, welcoming and lovely to talk you.
Charles Lin: Şeyma is an awesome teacher. I started the course with no previous training, and she introduced concepts and vocabularies very well and clearly. Through repetition I was able to learn and retain the rules. The school is super pleasant and very nicely located. It definitely adds to my cultural and linguistic understanding. I love the experience.
Yasemin Paukner: My daughter was there for 7 weeks and made very good progress in the Turkish language. Small groups, very nice team, great teachers and a positive atmosphere. The school is very centrally located and can be easily reached by public transport. I had the opportunity to get to know the teachers and the school personally. Thanks very much!
Bengi-Luna Paukner: I went to the school in Istanbul for 7 weeks and couldn't be happier! I learned so much in 7 weeks. The atmosphere of the school is really nice, everybody is so kind and motivating. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn turkish. I had classes with a teacher called Emine, she explains everything really good and fun. Even though we were learning much it never felt like 'school' in class, Emine had a perfect balance out of learning grammar and topics and just chatting like friends to practice talking! I want to come again in summer and i hope to be in emines class again!Thank youu for everythingalso i miss Aysel, every pause she spreaded positive energy :)
medias naranjas: *A language school of a very special kind* I had "only" booked 1 week of private lessons at the Royal Turkish School in Istanbul, but what I was allowed to receive during the time goes far beyond that, very far :) That's the family atmosphere, these are warm people, this is the all-round sense of well-being that makes this school special! The centerpiece is certainly the kitchen, which is loved by all the students :D, where dear Aysel ALWAYS welcomes you with open arms and çay or kahve. She also has an open ear if you want to use what you have just learned - you can practice with her in a relaxed manner, laugh or even get details from her about Turkish dishes :) A special thanks goes to my Turkish teacher Elif! She was always in a good mood, full of energy and was able to convey very complex content in a very simple and accessible way (her examples are very graphic and humorous, so that you can definitely remember them for months afterwards :)) Thanks to the one-to-one lessons, we were able to Tailor topics according to needs and make the lessons flexible. I was able to learn a lot in a short time and definitely made a significant leap in Turkish! I recommend this school with all my heart!Her şey için tekrar çooooook teşekkur ederim! Harikayız ♥
Thomas C.: I had have a privat turkish course for 5 days.The school lays central and the rooms are agreable. All the staff is very polite and friendly. They make you feel comfortable and care a lot. My teacher was Rumeysa. She is a young woman with a lot of engagement, a good kind of humor and well structured. She loves Schwarzwälderkirschtorte (which is also a helpful example for some pronunciations) and other sweets. I had much fun and learned a lot. For me it was the ideal first step to a new language.I visited the school one year later and the experience have been amazing again. Şema has been my teacher, a wonderful empathetic young woman. I learned a lot. She tailored the lessons to my individual needs. It was my next step to learn Turkish with fun and effectiveness. Many thanks to Şema an the staff for the good organisation.
March K. Bishop: The school is very professional and was able to accommodate a request for private lessons. Şeyma is an excellent teacher, clearly explaining patterns and exceptions. She is energetic and encouraging and knows how to teach a language. I look forward to working with her and RTS again in the future.
Hsinwei Tseng: When I started learning Turkish in a group class at Royal Turkish School, I was an absolute beginner. Looking back, I was very lucky to work with my teacher, Emine, to jump-start my research in İstanbul.The lessons were well-structured and delivered in a way I think all students can follow along, regardless of age and background. Through comprehensive exercises, we students got to apply what we learned in class. Then Emine patiently recapped and guided us to correct the mistakes we novices made. Most importantly, the overall workflow and atmosphere was encouraging, making me want to study and practice more.As a localization specialist, I take every opportunity to learn the characteristics of a language, so that I can support my dev/engineering team. So I asked various questions rarely heard in a Turkish 101 classroom (locale-specific, cultural level, language variant, etymology, etc.) And Emine went beyond and answered all my questions, plus providing the authoritative/official sources. Emine enlightened me. Teşekkür ederim, hocam.
Светлана Фёдорова: This school is very good. All the teachers are both sweet and professional. But Ms. Sena is my favorite teacher. I would recommend.

4. KediCat Turkish Language Courses - Katip Mustafa Çelebi Mahallesi

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34 reviews
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Address: Katip Mustafa Çelebi, Hasnun Galip Sk. No:1 D:kat 2, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 244 24 86

Business type: Language school

KediCat Turkish Language Courses: what do users think?
rohan roro: Non exsistant customer service
Sam Garzal: Terrible customer service , if you are to lazy or busy to read emails and reply customers then you should not post contact information for people to reach out for lessons, especially when this is a saturated market place in Istanbul
Joel Swann: I had a great experience at Kedicat. I attended a beginner's course for two evenings a week, for about five weeks.İt is hard to describe Hakan's approach. You don't learn like a traditional textbook. For example, we don't spend time with easy vocab that you can learn yourself. İnstead, Hakan shows to us many easy ways of expressing ourselves - so even after a month I feel confident with past, present, and future tenses.For me, Kedicat worked because I spent time learning outside the classroom too (Using Duolingo, flashcards, etc). On my own, I could not have understood the education I got from Hakan. He makes challenging things simple, and really wants every student to understand.Some people will want something different: and that's ok. But İf you want to get a deep understanding of Turkish, I think Kedicat is the place for you!
Ameer Afridi: I cannot recommend Kedicat enough! I learnt so much during the one month intensive course and I also had a good amount of fun whilst doing so. Hakan Bey is funny, knowledgable and an overall great teacher. And whilst no one can learn a language in a month, Hakan Bey has provided me with the very strong grammatical foundations to enable me to develop and grow my turkish language skills.I look forward to doing the harder courses with him time to come!
Borhan Farhat: If you like good institut. let's come here
Lee Xue: 很有趣的一所学校。学语法非常快
Alexis André: Positive:QualityGood school and good teaching system
Yoway Buorn: Someone gave 1-star and complained about inappropriate language during class. While I agree that such language should be kept to a minimum in any professional setting, I presume you've signed up to be able to communicate here in Turkey. And let me tell you, you'll hear worse in the streets, so I think that rating is unfair. Moreover, you must be realistic about language acquisition. If you make it far enough into Hakan's classes you'll occasionally chat about the pure difficulty of learning ANY language that is significantly different from your own. Learning Spanish after French is a far cry from learning Chinese after English, or in this case Turkish after English. These are VERY different languages that evolved alongside VERY different cultures. I don't think it's possible to learn a language entirely within a classroom. I think the function of language instruction should be to—as efficiently and effectively as possible—give you tools (eg rule-of-thumbs, grammar, mnemonics, etc.) and instill within you hooks (eg practice listening to the different sounds) that can be used and activated while you are practicing listening and speaking the language on your own. And I would say that Hakan excelled in this area. I still sound like Tarzan, but after 2 months of class from California plus 4 months while in Istanbul, I was able to negotiate a rental agreement. I think that's pretty damn good.More specifically, I would add that Hakan's grasp of the nuances of English help a lot (if you speak English of course). And he actually cares about you learning. I went to a great university and paid a lot of money, and never had a teacher put in as much energy making sure we get as much as we can. It's harder with the pandemic and spotty internet connections, but I still highly recommend taking classes here.
Max: Critical:ProfessionalismOpened to check out your school, your responses to your customers were enough of a warning to steer clear of your so called school, highly unprofessional language. Disgusting!
Motasem: How can I contact you guys?
johanna illies: Hakan is a very kind and conscientious teacher who takes the grammar of the mother tongue into account, which is very helpful in learning.The atmosphere in the course is relaxed, but you can make progress very quickly!
Sabrina Koehnke: I enjoyed the class I took at KediCat and would recommend it to others who want to learn or improve their Turkish.I had taken other Turkish classes before but this was the first time I went to a language school. At first, the teaching style seemed a bit unconventional and the grammar visualisations were different from what I was used to, but it turned out to be quite helpful. We practiced a lot of speaking skills too, so I was happy to be able to use some of the things I learned outside of the classroom right away.The school is conveniently located in Beyoglu and we were taught in a small group. It's not a fancy or show-off kind of school but the focus is really on language practice. I felt comfortable because it was relaxed and often funny, and we were always provided with tea and coffee during breaks as well as materials for the class. I can't compare the fees to other schools because I didn't go anywhere else, but for me it was flexible and accomodating because I got the option of trying different levels if I wanted to and could also take the class for three weeks instead of four.Learning a new language is always a challenge, so I think that having a teacher like Hakan who is passionate about languages and interested in his students' views is a big plus.Tesekkür ederim! :)
cibele kosmos: Kedicat is a perfect school for people who thinks that trash is cool. If the school is for English speakers, this should be written and explained before the students pay the fee.Kedicat school es una escuela donde puedes aprender sobre las necesidades fisiologicas de Hakan, pero El no te va a responder tu pregunta sobre grammatica. Si quieres perder tu tiempo escuchando tonterias de el y de los estudiantes que Le cae bien, este es tu sitio.De Kedicat school is Hakan want de andere leraar werkt daar niet meer. Hakan heeft een totaal gebrek van respect tegen de andere studenten die hij kiest het niet leuk te vinden. Hij heeft genoeg kennis in het Engelaanse taal om niet rude te zijn. Maar in tegendeel hij heeft vier weken lang allen maar rude gedrag vertoond tegen mij en niet professioneel want hij moet zijn persoonlijke beoordeling over mensen niet naar de klaas brengen. Als je een goed leraar bent je gaat naar de klaas met de bedoeling om iedereen te leren, het is niet jouw groep vrienden. Je gaat niet kiezen in de klaas aan wie ga je aandacht geven. Heel slecht ervaring...helaas want andere vrouw hier in de comments zei hetzelfde: hij kiest aan wie hij gaat les geven is waar! Zijn reden? Ik weet het niet. Maar ik had les gekregen met totaal gebrek van respect, in de klas met andere student hij heeft geschreeuw ( niet eenmalig) hoe mij Engels niet goed was, soms de hele dag met alles student praten een niet een vraag van mij beantwoord of gevoen zei dat ik kon niet begrijpen. Zijn boek is niet slecht, zijn methode is oké maar zijn gedrag is totaal niet professioneel! Cibele
Martina Pasini: KediCat is the perfect school for English speakers and easygoing people. Hakan, the teacher, has his own original method and I can say it is effective. That's all what matters for me.
Margaret Orwig: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueAmazing class, teacher is passionate and inspirational. Anyone taking the class with Hakan Suzer is lucky to be taught by this preeminent language expert.
aynur kaysoy: I loved going every morning to Kedicat to practice Turkish. Sinem and Hakan have different personality but they are both just lovely. Next time I plan to practice I will for sure go back there but in between I have to try not to forget everything ! Learning with them was fun even though we did a lot of translation.
Elton Jani: In my opinion Sinem and Hakan method is far better (in comparison for example to Dilmer). They teach you the difference between spoken, formal and written Turkish trying to find the best way to explain (ex. the Imperative), while comparing with other languages (sometimes English is not the best one). The classes are entertaining even though they will push you to learn. If you are serious about learning Turkish I highly recommend it.
Jana R: Great method of teaching. Sinem was great, kept us focused and on track, and got straight into the grammar stuff which was hard to find elsewhere. Affordable, plus great location, and Turkish tea 'round the clock! I was planning for level 2 but then life happened, however, I'll be back at KediCat when I'm back in Istanbul!!
m mmm: All good revies are fake and requested personally from people. Not respectful not honest staff and double standard treatment
Saeed Samha: They know what they are doing exactly and what's the easiest way to learn Turkish without wasting your time. You need to do nothing or ask about anything. what ever was in your mind you'll find the answer very soon in next classes
Almira Koka-Proli: Impressed by the teaching system of Hakan! Great value for money, I do recommend this school, and in particular, intensive classes. Wishing kedicat all the best!

5. English Castle - Fulya

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13 reviews
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English Castle
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Address: Fulya Mah Büyükdere Cad No:42 Doğuş İş Hanı Kat:4, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30PM

Telephone: +90 4440009

Business type: English language school

English Castle: what do users think?
Homah Ali: A bad institute struck luck with them, and there were grants for progress from an organization to study in, and instead of taking advantage of this opportunity, they wasted it. They saw their condition as nothing. The teachers, you and your luck, some of them are good, and some of them are very bad, to the point that you graduate from the course. Taking advantage of the number of students and all their money for the worst
ahmed mkrta: Very very nice institute.
RAÜAD ELNECCAR: English castle has the best teachers who have the best methods in teaching and training us, so we can practice the language in a great environment. It is the best place that I've learned in for long time and I've never felt like this course is dull or useless. I had the opportunity to learn many skills not just skills are related to the language, I've learned how to present a presentation in an much attractive way. I had also the opportunity to meet new friends from many countries and practice the language with them. Our teachers are so supportive, they've never made us feel bad or ashamed about our mistakes. The student affairs are so cooperative and they try their best to make everything more easy and interesting for us. It is the best and the most convenient placeto speak English like a native speaker
Amgad Alsalehi: The best way to learn EnglishGood luck
Mohmed alsabahi: It's the best castle in the world
Ah Lm: هذا المعهد ساعدني كثيرا في تطوير لغتي انه معهد جيد
Heba Gamal: Rally it's very good, I learn alot with them
معيض فهد الحميدي: افضل موقع لتعلم اللغة الانجليزية شكرا لكم من القلبي😘😘
Mustafa Khalil: I highly recommend this institute for anyone considering to improve his / her English language. First of all, I found all of the materials very organized, and they really helped me to understand the requirements of the assignment and provided practical tips on how to approach it. Also, the teachers at this school were top notch. It was obvious they spent a lot of time reviewing our work and were able to provide valuable, constructive feedback. Whenever I had a question, they responded directly and within a day.
Mohamad Amino: The best place to learn English.
Amna Rageh: Amazing 👍🏻
MOHAMED AL MOKHTAR: One of the best institutes I studied at
HOLMES: The best
Yasmin Khalid: English castle is the best school for teaching English
Ruwain Mohammed: Amazing institute
Mohammed Al-Omari: English Castle will always be the best place to learn English.
Mohammed Abdulwahab: The best 🌟
ali moh: It is wonderful to be student with English Castle, they always care about your improvement in all English skills ...
Heyam Mughir: English castle is the best choice to learn the English Language. Their online system is very excellent and their teachers are highly qualified.
Fatima Amjed: I had an amazing experience with English Castle courses. They lived up to my expectations. They have an awesome grading system and all their teachers are highly qualified. The teachers here bring the best in you and make you enjoy learning. I am on my 6th course with English Castle and I can notice that my language skills are remarkably improving. I recommend English Castle courses to anyone who is considering to improve their language.
Eng Barkhadle: The English Castle is the best institution I have ever seen.The English Castle Institute has teachers who have a great style of teaching.

6. Cambridge Academy - Başakşehir - Başak Mahallesi

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17 reviews
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Cambridge Academy - Başakşehir
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Address: Başak Ertuğrul Gazi Caddesi No:20, D:No:20, 34306 Başakşehir/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 212 487 80 02

Business type: English language school

Cambridge Academy - Başakşehir: what do users think?
Ali Al-Saeedi: معهد جيدا جدا من ناحيت التدريس ولاكن الاداره فاشله التعامل سيأ جدا
Abdurhman Merwan: Good place to learn English
KHATTAB YT: انه معهد رائع يعجز اللساني عن وصفه من نظافه ومن معلمين ومن اداره ولا غلطه
Tikah Tika: ممتاز
Abdo Zaidan: İt is very good English school
Talep Allaham: It is the best English language institute
Ayan Ahmed: They have really good teachers and teach really well
Yazdan Akbari: best academy in istanbulبه نظرم بهترین آکادمی بین المللی برای انگلیسی هست تو استانبول ، استاد های سطح بالای ایرانی هم دارن
Elif Alparslan: My impressions about the course and the teacher are as follows: When I first registered, I was informed that there would be a speaking class, but unfortunately the promise could not be fulfilled. In addition, there is a lot of noise from the next game room during the lessons. I had to warn several times for the situation to improve, as befits a professional business, the student should have taken the necessary precautions without dealing with it. As for our teacher, Abdurrahman McCarty's accent is very good, his grammatical knowledge and style of expression are good. However, I find his approach and style towards adults weak and inadequate. Ideal for the age group called “Teenager”. The course mainly caters to Arabs in this age group, so I can say that it is not suitable for adults or non-Arab trainees. In conclusion, it is a well-intentioned, diligent course, but I don't see much hope in going beyond being a mediocre educational institution.
Muhibullah Hotak: overall the quality of the services are satisfactory. However, little attention to be given to the dashboard system. sometimes it malfunctions.
Yusuf milaji: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
noha shokri: Excellent and the teacher Ibrazil is excellent
SHADA ALARBI: Teacher IBrazil is excellent
Khaled Abulmagd: مركز تعليم لغة انجليزية متميز
Mostafa Alrahoo: Positive:Professionalism
الشيف محمد قاسم: Excellent
Brahim EL hari: Wonderful place to study English

7. Istanbul Language Center - Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa

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2 reviews
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Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Yemişçi Hasan Sk. NO.7 D:K1, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +90 531 364 63 64

Business type: English language school

Istanbul Language Center: what do users think?
Giovanni Ruotolo: Una bellissima esperienza di studio con colleghi e professori. I corsi sono impegnativi ma ho avuto dei buoni miglioramenti in tempi rapidi. La consiglio.
Donnie Darko: ne telefon ne de mail ile kendilerine asla ulaşamadığım kurum.
Muhammadh Nazeer Ahmadh Bin Abdhul Azeez: Probably the most professional place to learn languages in Istanbul
Murat Aliev: Absolutely disrespectful, ignore calls, emails.
Fatih Soydan: Daniels is the best teacher! Awesome place.
Ammar Azzan: The classes within are great but the employees are not helpful at all. I waited a whole week just to get a response for my email and the response wasn't even the answer for my question.
Angel B: Such a bad place for Toefl exams. Never ever take the ibt test here. Too much noise and nobody seems to care!
Aybüke Köse: We were very satisfied with the English courses. It's a friendly as well as professional environment. We got the best value for the time we spent. Thank you to everyone who worked for us.
Ege Onur Taga: My computer froze 3-4 times during Toefl. You know, I've been disgraced. One of the employees who was in charge of the system was quite rude. He spoke up when he was already stressed. I do not recommend anyone to take TOEFL here.Terrible place for Toefl.
AHMED GAAFAR: مركز إسطنبول لتعليم اللغاتتابع لجامعة إسطنبول الحكوميةهو المكان الأفضل لتعليم اللغة التركية في عموم البلادسعر المستوى يقارب 250$يقوم بالتعليم مجموعة من الأساتذة المتخصصين أصحاب الخبرةالدراسة ٤ أيام في الأسبوعمن الاثنين إلى الخميسالمستوى الواحد مدته شهر و٣ أسابيعمدة الدرس ٤ ساعاتالمركز يعتمد منهج تومرجميع مستويات اللغة التركية ٦وهم كالآتيA1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2العيوب الموجودة أن المبنى قديموضيق إلى حد مايوجد به كافتيريا في الدور العلويلكن إطلالتها رائعة على البسفورالمكان قريب من وسط البلد بجوار ميدان تقسيم وإيمنونو والسوق المصرييقع في منطقة كاراكوي السياحيةوبجوار جالاتا بورت المليئة بالكافتيريا والمطاعم ومحلات الملابسالمكان قريب جدا من وسائل المواصلاتتحديدا الترام واي والمترو ومحطات الباصاتالموظفون في مركز تعليم اللغات متعاونون ومهذبونإذا أردت تعلم وإتقان التركية باحتراف وبأفضل شهادة معتمدةيجب أن تختار هذا المركز.تمنياتي بالنجاح والتوفيق 💐
Marianna Navarrski: Istanbul Üniversitesi Dil Merkezi it's a Language Center of İstanbul University. If you have a plan to learn foreign languages - this place is for you!
Aslıhan YÜCEÜNÜVAR: I took the German A1.1 course and I was not satisfied at all. First of all, since the teacher's Turkish is not good, you cannot get full efficiency in many subjects, and if you take a course in the summer term, there is no other teacher, so you cannot progress in accordance with the program. There is constant change and you are expected to adapt. Apart from that, the source book used is good, the learning methods are average and efforts are made to ensure that you attend the classes. But I definitely do not recommend it, there are too many deficiencies in the system.
Viviana Martin: Excelente! Los cursos son geniales
momo-chan: I'll give it a zero if I can. Super bad. Only cares about money. If you end u0 coming here don't take a course with Deniz. She's super rude and touched her student in an inappropriate way. She's always making fun of her students and doesn't show any respect. Run away! There are better schools to learn Turkish from.
Muhammad Fakhri Al-Kahfi: Mantap
Eldar Alizade: Ms. Gozde Orhan is very helpful. Thank you. Well deserved 5 stars!
Sady Saido: Un endroit bien indiqué
mohamed sh muhumed: Gözde is very helpful, my best regards
Mahmut Benzid: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueAwesome experience !

8. Direct English Dil Kursu - Mecidiyeköy Mahallesi

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7 reviews
new review
Direct English Dil Kursu
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Address: Mecidiyeköy Mah. Büyükdere Cad. No:47 Bentek İş Merkezi Kat:1, 34387 Şişli, Turkey

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +90 212 270 22 22

Business type: Language school

Direct English Dil Kursu: what do users think?
Zübeyde Nur Karaman: An amazing language school which cares about their clients, problem solver team with amazing teachers. If you want to be fluent in english Direct English is your school.Müşterileriyle çok ilgili olan bir dil okulu. Problem çözücü ekibiyle birlikte harika öğretmenlere sahipler. Eğer ingilizceyi akıcı bir şekilde konuşmak istiyorsanız, Direct English dil okulu tam size göre.
Bem Alsa: Great English Course. I recommend them for everyone wants to improve their English and Turkish language.
Anthony González: This school is well located and the people who work there are very attentive and friendly.

9. TURKCESTAN Turkish Courses for Foreigners in Istanbul - Fulya

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7 reviews
new review
TURKCESTAN Turkish Courses for Foreigners in Istanbul
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Address: Fulya, Büyükdere Cd. No:68, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 541 828 15 20

Business type: Language school

TURKCESTAN Turkish Courses for Foreigners in Istanbul: what do users think?
John Klopotowski: When I began taking lessons with Turkcestan, I knew only a few Turkish words and no grammar. After about a year of weekly online lessons, I am now at B1 level and can write paragraphs of text and carry on conversations in Turkish.Turkcestan's methodical approach has allowed me to continue to build upon older lessons while still learning new grammar. Often we do a general review, which incorporates older lessons with new ones. This has really strengthened my language skills. Also, teachers are very friendly and happy to review whatever you don't understand. It's been a wonderful experience!
redmi shutter: I came, I saw, I learnedThey don't have magic wands, but their personalized methods and choice of materials are good.If you come to learn, you can be sure that you won't waste your time and money
Marta Fdz: Not helpful at all. I was really interested about the Turkish courses. They sent me an email with a plan THEY created without asking me the amount of hours that I would like to do weekly. As they at first mentioned that don't have group lessons, I just wanted to specify that I would start with one-to-one lessons and then join a group if possible. They stoped replying. My Turkish friend called them to get more information and they were RUDE to her and they said to her that I have to find another school and they don't want me to go there. Can someone explain me what I did ? NOT PROFESSIONAL
헤르메스: I think this center has professional and initiative teachers and equipment for Turkish language education and proper even for the first learner like me. 친절하고 전문적인 강사진과 깔끔한 시설을 갖추고 있습니다.
Bayane A.: Je vous conseille cette école de langue pour apprendre le turc, d'une grande aide.
Vahid Ghabel: I recommend this course to every foreign students who wants to learn Turkish language.عرض ادب خدمت ایرانی‌های عزیز.پیشنهاد می‌کنم اگر قصد یادگیری زبان ترکی رو دارید و دقدقه یادگیری با لهجه در عین حال یادگیری گستره کلمات و مطالب مفید دارید اینجا رو پیشنهاد می کنم به خصوص که اساتیدش دلسوزانه در یادگیری کمک می کنند.موفق باشید
Eylul Alsalem: The best place to learn TurkishI recommend you

10. Axcel International Academy - Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Mahallesi

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9 reviews
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Axcel International Academy
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Address: 2J8R+9F Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey, 34522 Esenyurt/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 541 318 54 44

Business type: University

11. Berlitz Dil Okulu - İçerenköy Mahallesi

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11 reviews
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Address: İçerenköy Mah Üsküdar İçerenköy Cad. Bodur İş Merk. N:8 K:9, D:36, 34792 Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 212 211 13 61

Business type: Language school

12. English Time - Zuhuratbaba Mahallesi

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176 reviews
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Address: Zuhuratbaba, Zuhurat Baba Cd. No:41, 34147 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 543 57 97

Business type: English language school

13. Istanbul - Beyoglu Private Dilmer Foreign Language Course - Ömer Avni Mahallesi

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55 reviews
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Istanbul - Beyoglu Private Dilmer Foreign Language Course
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Address: Ömer Avni, Prof. Dr. Tarık Zafer Tunaya Sk. No:16, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 212 292 96 96

Business type: Language school

14. Istanbul IELTS - Göztepe Mahallesi

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56 reviews
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Istanbul IELTS
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Address: Göztepe, Arda Apt, Bağdat Cd. No:169, 34730 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 216 411 56 88

Business type: English language school

15. Turkish Language Institute - Mecidiyeköy Mahallesi

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70 reviews
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Address: Mecidiyeköy Mahallesi Latilokum Sk. Kafar İşhanı No. 6/9, 34387 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +90 531 454 75 13

Business type: Language school

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