Best Centers For Mentally Disabled People In Istanbul Near Me

1. Hagia Sophia - Cankurtaran

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Hagia Sophia
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Address: Sultan Ahmet, Ayasofya Meydanı No:1, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 212 522 17 50

Business type: Mosque

Hagia Sophia: what do users think?
Patty Pagoada: magnificent!Beautiful art and architecture.In the square you can see the other ancient monuments of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia stands out with its beautiful arches and dome. Unfortunately, it is under reconstruction on the outside and it limits the appreciation of the rest of its beauty, even so, it is worth visiting.If you do not bring your clothes to cover yourself, after security, before the main doors you will find 3 different options of clothes to buy according to what you need at very comfortable prices.
Robert Adaszek: Worth seeingVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
عبدالعزيز عبدالله: A beautiful archaeological landmark and a wonderful organization that deserves a visit
Serife Tek: First of all, we are very happy that it was opened for use as a mosque. But like other mosques, I insistently condemned the sale of cheesecloth shawls as they were not provided. In mosques such as Topkapi and Suleymaniye Mosques, free domestic and foreign tourist, women and men, suitable clothes are given free of charge, why is it not given in our Hagia Sophia Mosque. I didn't like it.
Isa Tezci: Dünyanın heryerinden gelen insanlarla aynı safta beraber Namaz kılmak çok güzel bir duygu. Müze olduğu zamanlarda sanki insanlara dargındı Ayasofya.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Илья Щепин: Пришли вечером (19:00) очереди не было СОВСЕМ! Красиво.
Ahmet Yiğitarslan: Must-see placesVisited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Uğur Ertekin: I hope that the place of Fatih Sultan Mehmet will be heaven. For giving us an exceptional place. I was proud. It's an awesome place.
Heni Oussema: Visited on Weekend Reservation recommended YesMore
Nick Gregory: Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended NoMore
Umberto LP: Un must per chi viene ad Istanbul
Sami Meczub: must visit . extremely interesting
Aruzhan Zorbayeva: Айя София очень красивое место. К сожалению как в других мечетях тут не раздают юбки, накидки и платки. Если вы не в закрытой одежде и нету платка. Придется покупать. Что-то типа платка начинается от 20 лир и накидка полностью на тело и голову 40 лир. Я купила за 40 лир накидку. Так как были открыты ноги и не было платка. Была только кепка думала нп пропустят.
Furkan Yüksel: Visited on Weekend Wait time 10–30 minMore
Fatihzade: (Translated by Google
Valera Churavtsov: Visited on Weekend Wait time 10–30 min Reservation recommended Not sureMore
Mohammad Sarosh: Beautiful monument with a rich history and heritage. A must visit in Istanbul.
Reza Dorali: خانم ها باید با حجاب وارد مسجد بشن و به صورت کاملا پوشیده. در غیر این صورت باید یک روپوش از در ورودی تهیه کنید که حدود ۴۰ لیر باید بابت روپوش پرداخت کنید .
Mustafa TÜRK: Her zamanki güzelliği ile bizi misafir etti. Hâlâ gitmediyseniz sizi de misafir etmek için bekliyordur mutlaka.
İsmail ŞENGÜL: Her zaman çok kalabalık. Önünde metrelerce kuyruk oluyor. Camii olduktan sonra hiç giremedim. Müze iken girebilmiştim, muhteşem bir yapıt.
Mickey Estebanez: Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 minMore

2. Seed Autism Foundation Special Education School - Cumhuriyet Mahallesi

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Seed Autism Foundation Special Education School
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Address: Cumhuriyet Mh., Abide-i Hürriyet Cd No:39, 34380 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 248 94 30

Business type: Non-governmental organization

Seed Autism Foundation Special Education School: what do users think?
bilgincekids: I like a lot
MUSTAFA YAĞIZ: Burcu teacher is very knowledgeable and caring, thank you very much, he approached very well and the other teachers were warm-blooded and lovely. The institution is a very marginal, very competent place, thank you.
Yigit Oguz: Gff
Levi: It is very beautiful, very good, but very very expensive for us, I would love to bring my son, but it is beyond our budget, I wish everyone could bring it if your prices were a little less
İbrahim Uç: An institution with a special place in my heart, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the education of hundreds of children, including very valuable veterans.
Taner SARIHAN: A relevant and knowledgeable institution
Mehmet Akif: Otizm eylem planı yalanı hayata geçirilmedi yıllardir tüccarlik yapanlar bu meleklerden üzerinden para kazanıyor tüccarlık yapıyor hiçbir garip fakir çocuğuna otizmli çocuğa bir gram faydaları olmadı yıllardır
Sayara Narzullayeva: Ilgiliydiler
birol gökçe: Her şeyiyle kusursuz bir özel okul....
Nadia Osman: رجاء اريد ان اعرف هل المؤسسة مجانية أم لا ؟؟ابنى عنده توحد وانا مصرية وابحث عن مؤسسة مجانية
hakan dalkılıç: Azize süper bir köpek çalışanları çok ilgili
Kawa Alkhayat: Good 👍
Kadir Güllüoglu: super relevant, very clean school
ŞENOL KÖSEM: A warm home where amazing people work for children.
gizemli kadın: Yazıklar olsun bu ülkede durumu olmayan otizimli cocuklar sizin gibiler yüzünden eğitim alamiyo hani vakıf hani dernek yıllık 100 bin nedemek demekki bağışları toplayıp cebe indirip sadece durumu olan öğrencileri okula alıyorsunuz yaziklar olsun bunun vebalini nasıl oduyceksiniz
Hicran Uyar: Çok iyi
Cumali Bars: Benim kızım burslu gidiyor ve Gazi olduğum için öncelik tanındı.Emegi geçen Esra,Canan Dilan hocalarıma ve bütün personele çok teşekkürler. Hakları ödenmez
iskender atilla reyhancan: Mükemmel
Hidir Disbudak: Otizmli çocuklar için büyük nimet ve velileri için biraz huzur ve sükünet tahminimce şahit olduğumuz kadarıylada hocalar çok ilgili çocuklara Karşı bir okadar da ögreticiliğin gerçekten hakkını veren insanlar
Kenan Oz: There is only one word that can be said about the institution. WE ARE GOOD... I bow respectfully in front of the entire team that provides education.

3. Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital - Zuhuratbaba Mahallesi

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Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital
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Address: Zuhuratbaba, Doktor Tevfik Sağlam Cd. 25/2, 34147 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +90 212 409 15 15

Business type: Psychiatric hospital

Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital: what do users think?
AYÇA KIVRIK: Neurology department My medicine is running out, I can't make an appointment. I call the hospital, they pick up the phone and put it aside, I hear voices coming from the opposite side, they don't answer the phones, the hospital is nice, I have nothing to say to him, but this irresponsibility of the employees is not normal at all, however, no precautions are taken.
Osman Zeyrek: After months of incessant panic attacks. I entered the mashar osman psychiatry emergency. They talked like a mother for 45 minutes. Why am I having a panic attack? What triggered it. They told me what to do. I was relieved when they told me. I am refreshed. Then I was referred to psychotherapy in the same hospital. My therapy, which was 2/3 a month at first, has now decreased to 1 a month. I got through this process 85% without using any medicine. I would like to express my gratitude to the doctor lady, whose name I do not even remember that night. I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers of the psychotherapy department that I still attend.
ozan lau: They treated me badly, I loved it 😘😘🐮☠️ 🏻😉😉 Greetings to my teacher mehmet çıban baldiriciplak 🤩
Çağlar Aydin: Since there was no open meeting for our patient who was hospitalized in the K1 k2 department, we left wet wipes, cigarettes and other equipment, which were in line with our needs, and we were informed that they were not given to our patient when he was discharged. I hope the Ministry of Health makes the necessary inspections.
Cenk AĞ: Mental health is important, the right address for medical treatment. If it is psychotherapy, you can contact me 😉
Göksun Yiğit Parlak: Gülsema is a very beautiful place, she lives there very comfortably, hope she will come out soon 🙏
gri insan: It's a disgusting place.
Neslihan Topal: The doctors are good, but on the day I came for the examination, I had an attack in the hospital and went to the emergency psychiatrist department and explained myself. I started having an attack. The tall lady security there told me to go outside shout and cry outside. I'm sorry, I'm going to complain.
Ayşe Adalı: . Hastası da refakatcisi de aynı tuvaleti kullanıyor. Ayrıca refakatçi kartı gibi bir sistem olursa her girişimizde güvenlikle sorun yaşamak zorunda kalmayız.(Translated by Google
Batuhan Aktar: I will never forget what I experienced here. Staff and nurses are even sicker. The name of this is not the discipline school approach, but characterlessness. Even my family was disrespected. They think they can't do anything because I don't have any evidence, I'm sure they don't even read the comments. But I will end you legally.
Servet Doğanay Yakın: H3A 3.Psikiyatri bölümüne yatırdık fakat o günden beri içimiz rahat etmiyor gerek google yerel rehber yorumları gerek ise kişisel gözlemlerimiz doğrultusunda hastalara yemekler konusunda yeterince iyi yemekler sunulmadığını tespit ettik bu insanların bir şey isteyecek dermanı kendilerini anlatacak takaatleri yok ve bu vebal ne bu dünyada nede ahirette verilir bu konuda acilen birşeyler yapılması gerekmektedir. Psikolojik tedavi gören insanların daha çok psikolojisinin bozulacağı bir ortam yerine o insanları daha iyi şartlarda tedavi imkanı sağlanamaması bir elzemdir, bugün kendi başımıza gelmeyen ve empati kuramadığımız nice üzüntüler bizlerinde başına gelebilir lütfen bu konuyu hızlı bir şekilde yetkililere iletin, sağlık ve sevgiyle...(Translated by Google
Mert Aygün: Worthless hospital, people are treated like animals, forced admissions, cats roaming the dining hall tables, it's a disgusting hospital
Ugur Kaba: It is impossible to reach and get information by phone, the staff picks up the phone and hangs up instantly.
Anj Snake: I went for psychiatry, God forbid it happens again. The hospital is taking shit, everything is stinking. Okay, hospitals can't be very clean in general, even private ones can be a little dirty, but this is the first time I see a hospital as dirty as this. Pity sin, people come here, sit, wait, breathe the dusty air inside, is it good for this nation?There are also cashiers, that's a whole other story. Never say anything like hello with a smiling face, take it easy, they look at you as if you cursed their mother. Though, for him, you have to find them first because they are often not in their place.In short, typical government agency, so don't expect too much. We pray for its privatization.
Muhammed Ali Karakaş: I definitely do not recommend the psychiatry department🤷‍♂️ because it is training and research, assistants, that is, medical specialty students, examine you and you always meet with different student assistants every time you go, but in psychiatry, there is a need for a patient who knows a patient to follow the medical / drug treatment regularly. There should be physicians who follow up on mental health at regular intervals and tell them to come for a check-up when necessary, otherwise people can easily buy drugs from the pharmacy... He does not even look at the examination and treatment of the patient in the past, but it happens to the patient, the patient is a waste with medicine medicine bags🤦‍♂️
Aysun beşli: I scored points for the oral and dental health department. Apart from that, each department is in different buildings and is very nice, based on a stylish wide area. But I can't comment on how the doctors and services are because I didn't go. The pediatric and adolescent psychiatry department and the oral and dental department were not very pleasant in the same place, and moreover, there is no x-ray in the dental department, please find a cure for this, although the young and healthy people do not have trouble walking, the dental department will send you to the Bahçelievler oral and dental health building for the disabled, infirm and elderly. is shipping. And what's more, there is no road or way, there is no public transportation, if you have your own vehicle, it's okay, but as I said, we can go from there as young people, but there is no solution for people who are old and have to use public transportation. Hopefully, the x-ray department will be opened in the future and as I said, the units in other main branches will be placed on the huge Bakırköy tooth. Like dental surgeon endodontics radiology. I hope it will be considered
Gözde Evcin: We talked to the psychiatry department Duru brain assistant… He was definitely very interested, I went uneasy looking at the comments, but they are extremely interested in terms of time and interest. He did not resent me in any way, he even approached me very nicely and behaved very well.
Ferhat Günay: We went to Bakırköy Mashar Osman dental polyclinic, the doctor will pull out my father's tooth.
Aydoğan Ercan: First of all, I would like to thank Murad asilturk team and his colleagues, and thank them all for successfully performing my father's brain tumor surgery.
Arzu Işık Özcan: Hello, we come for treatment, the doctors are generally good and the location of the hospital is great, the green environment, the trees and walking to the section we are going to are very beneficial for health.
Buglemsx: I'm very pleased with my friend, we fell together, you come too, it's fun

4. The Blue Mosque - Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi

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The Blue Mosque
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Address: Sultan Ahmet, Atmeydanı Cd. No:7, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7AM Mon

Business type: Mosque

The Blue Mosque: what do users think?
davide perucci: Truly enchanting, an imposing structure seen from the outside and fascinating internally. Too bad that some children were playing around a person who had dedicated himself to a moment of prayer. Regardless of the choice of religious belief, deep respect for the culture of others is fundamental. A 4 or 5 year old may not understand this but a parent should know this well.This wonderful structure forms part of an essential itinerary of a holiday in Istanbul.
Ni Ni: Magnificent mosquePraying inside such a beautiful mosque is a blessing 🤲🏻
Daniel: Really cool experience seeing the Mosque at night. Highly recommend!Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Emilia Moore: Test review
Muhammed Nasim: Very grans and beautifal mosque, should visit around noon when the sunlight maximises the effect of the coloured windowsVisited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Eda Nur Yıldırım: Çok güzel
Светлана Рожкова: Very beautiful. Entrance barefoot and in special clothes, which are issued at the entrance. I recommend to visit and enjoy the beauty.Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended No …More
Nasren Naaz: A place worth visiting.Peaceful, even though there are thousands of people around you.Excellent architectureVisited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended No …More
Umberto LP: The interiors in blue and light blue are beautiful
Khalid M: اجمل ميدان في منطقة الفاتح والسلطان احمد جامع تقام فيه جميع الشعائر وأيضًا بجانبه ايا صوفيا
Sami Meczub: Fantaaaaastic. extraordinary
Ana Kremenlieva: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
Polina Savchenko: Wait time Up to 10 minMore
Ammar alhouri: Sultanahmet is a historic neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey, located on the European side of the city. It is named after the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, which is located in the neighborhood. Sultanahmet is known for its rich history and architecture, as it was the heart of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Some of the other notable attractions in the area include the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, the Basilica Cistern, and the Grand Bazaar. Sultanahmet is a popular tourist destination and is considered one of the must-see areas of Istanbul.
Nejmeddine Neffati: Très belle mosquée qui hélas est en pleine restauration actuellement. Je reviendrai pour la visiter. Située à environ 200 mètres de Aya Sophia et 300 mètres du musée de Topkapi
Yusuf Alshehri: Very beautiful mosque
Abdullah saghir: GoodWait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Basel Abuzuaiter (BaselAz88): Beautiful historic mosque.Visited on Weekday Wait time 10–30 min Reservation recommended Not sure …More
Youngtae Ko: Magnificent. Because it's the weekend, people flock from all over the world.Visited on Weekend Wait time 10–30 min Reservation recommended No …More
Abdulhakeem Dahash: A distinguished mosque..and the organization is beautiful.It is a landmark of Islam, which is characterized by a large number of visitorsLikeOrganizationRespect for MuslimsCovering the private parts of a non-Muslim in the event of a desire to enterThe magnificent engineering architecture...and jealousy. You will find it on your visit

5. Care - Haseki Sultan Mahallesi

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1 reviews
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Address: Cerrahpaşa, Güzel Sebzeci Sk. No:11, 34098 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Business type: Non-governmental organization

6. Special ASMED Medical Center - Atatürk Mahallesi

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202 reviews
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Special ASMED Medical Center
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Address: Atatürk, Sedef Cd. No:1/1, 34758 Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 216 464 11 11

Business type: Hair transplantation clinic

Special ASMED Medical Center: what do users think?
Yusuf Akinci: It's an amazing facility. In a word, an amazing experience. I would like to thank especially Ms. Arzu and the whole team for their interest. I would also like to thank my teacher Koray for making such a distinguished institution a world brand.
Marcell H.: Great price and amazing results even though it took a little while to grow out.
Khaled Abdullah: I had a hair transplant at ASMED Clinic year ago between 6-10th May 2022, suppose to share my experience about it, but I prefer to wait until I see results which was fantastic, I didn’t believe that I will have this look again, it was a dream for me to see my hair covering my head after a long time being semi bald,Now with the advice of Dr. Korai Erdogan to divide up hair transplant surgery to front which I did already and crown which am planning to go ahead with confidence,Let me now share details about the ASMED clinic & the staff, first of all I have to say that I was searching for the right clinic for more than 5 years, some of I visited in UK nevertheless the search over the internet,I have visited some clinics to see and be sure how the surgery will take place, I wasn’t satisfied of what I experienced, it wasn’t professional, and lack of many things could help me see the confidence for such step to take,I expanded the search to the top 10 hair transplant clinics in some countries, then searched for every one of them until I found ASMED which from the first look I felt that this is the one am looking for and it WAS.The clinic is well equipped, belt to the extreme standard of only hair transplant clinic, no other! As it has the updated technology to specify and counting hair grafts by sophisticated equipment with a well-trained staff on it, a studio specified for tacking pictures of head before, during and after surgery, not mentioning also about multi surgery rooms available, the patient rooms like a hotel, well the whole place like a 5-star hotel. Gym, training court, café, cleanness, and top services.I recommend ASMED Clinic without hesitation, they treat you like a prince what do you want more than that, and the most important issue here is the result you want a fine hair covering your head and they do it professionally.I thank all ASMED Clinic staff kind, polite supportive, hospitable and on the top of them Dr. Korai Erdogan, as I appreciated the enormous help and support from Patient Coordinator Servinc, and the kindest nurse at this clinic Ozgur I call her ASMED ANGLE, and she is.In conclusion, I highly recommend ASMED Clinic, the result that I have now is enormous, now I will return back for the crown. Thank you
Onur Aydogan: son derece yardımcı oluyorlar. İşlem sonrasında düzenli takip, iletişim ve danışma hizmeti veren Alina Hanım da alkışı hak ediyor.Sadece Türkiye’nin değil, dünyanın en iyi saç ekim merkezi dersem abartmış olmam.(Translated by Google
Antonio Iaia: Team altamente specializzato, gestito dal Dott. Erdogan Koray un professionista con elevata conoscenza e competenza! Clinica Lussuosa e personale gentilissimo!
Eyup: There are experts in the field, you can go easily
Şener Özkan: Perfect solutions with quality team and expert staff
Aysegül Ay: I am very satisfied with Asmedid service, very good
Sbexಠ ͜ʖ ಠ: Good luck, your place is beautiful, I wish you good health
Songül Yener: Very interested thank you
Yorgun Kayış: Having a smiling face and interest creates a lot of satisfaction.
Levent Ege ile ekrem tv: I made an appointment with a friend from Samed hair tranplat clinic, they were very interested, they were very interested, I got my new hair as a result of very successful operations. Thank you very much,👏👏👏👏
Ruken DEMİR: Very hygienic, very nice and their employees are very friendly and warm.
CÜNEYT MUHAMMED: I went for a hair transplant with a friend and was worried about the final results but the result was amazing. We did not expect hair growth in the second week. I want to thank all the doctors
Selma Bilgin: Their interests are beautiful. I would recommend it to everyone.
Remziyenin El işleri: You will meet wonderful people who are experts in their fields. I wish you continued success there.
EMRAH DOĞANŞAHİN: A restaurant with wonderfully delicious food and fast food and delicious drinks.
Affia Douti: In the pre-procedure interviews, they answered all my questions and resolved my concerns.
Awa Coulibaly: I was relieved that the center was hygienic and gave importance to sterilization.
Dramani Sangaré: Thanks to the hair transplant center, I feel more confident now.
Natalie Crist: My recovery process after hair transplantation was very fast and uneventful, which shows the experience of the center.

7. Kur'an ve Sünnet Müceddid Vakfı - Yeşiltepe Mahallesi

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1 reviews
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Kur'an ve Sünnet Müceddid Vakfı
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Address: Yeşiltepe, 58 Blv. Cd. & 56. Sokak No:1, 34025 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 212 665 72 16

Business type: Foundation

Kur'an ve Sünnet Müceddid Vakfı: what do users think?
Doğal Efendi: A lodge in Zeytinburnu
علي حمشو: جيد

8. علاجك الطبية - ILAJAK MEDICAL - Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Mahallesi

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23 reviews
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Address: MALL OF ISTANBL, ZIYA GOKALP MAH, NO 7E THE OFFICE BLOCK NO: 92, 34490 Başakşehir/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +90 552 700 07 77

Business type: Medical clinic

علاجك الطبية - ILAJAK MEDICAL: what do users think?
Mohamed Fal: خدمات ممتاز
Sidik zeyn Mosa chaddi: جميل جدا
OBIEDA KABASH: الشركة تتبع لمجموعة امتلاك المشهورة مثلما عرفت كما أني رأيت الكوادر المحترمة والخدومة .. بالتوفيق للجميع
Abdulla Ali basha: مع الاسف موعيد الموارد البشرية ليست بالاحترافية اللازمة
Khadija Balbaid: Perfect
احمد ابراهيم محمد علامي: السلام عليكم كيفكم اسمي احمد ابراهيم محمد علامي من ذوي الاعاقة ابحث عنه وظيفة مناسبة لي وجزاك الله خير
Gedo Bashir: جزاكم الله خير ونشكركم على حسن التعامل والمساعدة وربنا يشفي كل مريض طالب المساعدة
mahdi jedid: للامانة نتيجةً كارثية بعد ثلاثة اشهر من العملية
Sanah Cheglal: J'étais obligé de mettre une étoile pr commenter mais ils ne les méritent même pas! A fuir cette clinique! Ils font mal le travail et en plus de ça quand vous réclamez il ne vous réponde plus du tout! Je regrette d'avoir choisi cette clinique. C'est soit disant garantie à vie mais aucune réponse quand on se plaint que leur docteur n'a pas bien fait le travail! Elle m'a oublié un nerf et maintenant je galère.. et jai des bouts de dents qui s'enlèvent ! Je vous déconseille cette clinique car aucune réponse ni considération vraiment! 👎👎je vous conseille par contre l'as du corps! une copine a été là-bas et nickel aucun problème ! Si j'avais su..
Ibrahim Abu-Ali: I did hair transplant in Istanbul through this company. Staff was very friendly. Clinic was very accommodating. And drivers were always friendly and on time.
Hamid Bouchana: Je m appelle hamid je suis venus en Turquie moi et ma femme pour faire les implant de dents pour moi et ma femme et moi j ai fait la greffe des cheveux , et tout est b1 passé alhamdolillah , le personnelles de cette entreprise ILAJAK MEDICALE , sont tous gentil si du bon travail de professionnel , et nous on met dans un très bon hôtel , gunes merter , le personnel était très gentil et serviable , et pour tous ce qui et du soin hopital +dentiste ect.... sont tousgentil et professionnels. Franchement j ai apprécié le voyage.
Sajad Fotuhi: Scammers! Be very careful choosing them, please.
Abdullah Nebil: Good services highly Recommend everyone who planning to do their hollywood smile in Turkey
roberto de angelis: Sono molto contento del servizio dato mi nel corso di tutto il trattamento ottimi nel servizio di autisti sempre gentili e disponibili la clinica e super professionale i vari dentisti e tutti il personale davvero eccellente, peccano un po’ nello specificare delle cose ed essere più chiari e dare più info su tutto ma comunque ottimi
رشا احمد: جزاكم الله كل خير انتم رائعون في التعامل مع المرضى
moftagfhgh omar: ممتاز
Hussain Albyaa: Very good 👍
عبدالله شاوش: اتمنا خيرانشاء آلَلَه
Yan Gram: Escro !!Prudence !!Qualité de travail médiocreJe devais prendre l’avion le lendemain, on m’a mis les dents la veille !! alors que j’étais là depuis 12 jours. Je suis parti sans faire aucun contrôle.J’ai des dents qui sont très sensibles, je peux pas manger ou boire n’importe quoi avec les douleurs. Une bonne partie de ces dents doivent être refaites selon mon dentiste. Renseignez-vous bien avec de vous engager avec eux, quand j’étais là bas dans leur cabinet, il y avait à chaque fois des patients qui criaient et qui ralaient parce qu’ils n’étaient pas satisfaits, ou bien le travail est réalisé au dernier moment et on n’a pas le temps de vérifier quoi que ce soit. Ils le font exprès. De plus ils demandent toujours un supplément important après être mis d’accord sur un prix…Il fallait voir les commentaires sur Facebook, c’est une catastrophe, d’ailleurs ils ont supprimé la possibilité de laisser des avis tellement c’est nul.
Stéphanie Paques: Triche, escroquerie et manque de professionnalismeA déconseiller.Soyez sûr qu’on va vous soutirer plus d’argent quand on aura commencé le traitement, ils savent que vous ne pourrez plus faire marche arrière, c’est ce qui s’est passé avec moi et avec d’autres amis aussi.Le résultat n’était pas terrible, des douleurs presque tous les jours.
Hardy Dacos: Une très mauvaise expérienceL’hygiène de l’hôpital où j’ai fait l’opération était catastrophique, du sang au sol, mauvaise odeur…, en plus on m’a emmené dans un hôpital qui n’a rien à voir avec Ilajak. Le résultat est nul malgré le respect de toutes les consignes, contrairement à des amis qui l’ont faite dans d’autres centres bcp plus professionnels et avec un très bon suivi et moins cher !!!Ici, au moment où je voulais entrer pour l’opération on m’a demandé un supplément alors que m’avait annoncé un autre prix sur place sans donner d’explications…Je vous le déconseille, renseignez-vous avant, il y a des centres plus sérieux et plus professionnels.

9. Istanbul Hair Center - Esentepe Mahallesi

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Istanbul Hair Center
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Address: Esentepe, Prof. Mükerrem, Esentepe Mah.Gazeteciler Sitesi Keskinkalem Sok, Hiç Apt No:27/8, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Mon

Telephone: +90 212 343 13 10

Business type: Hair transplantation clinic

Furkan Şen: We came to Istanbul from Sakarya with the recommendation of our friend, we are glad we did, we thank you very much for the attention to hygiene, care and meticulous care, especially to Ms. Birnur.
anıl abanoz: I came to hair transplantation as a recommendation in 2017 and I was very satisfied. I met with a professional team. I would like to thank Mrs. Birnur and Hüseyin for their welcome and assistance from the moment I arrived during the planting period, and Emine and Ali during October for their warm and sincere attitude. It was a painless and painless transplant, so I would like to extend my respects to the Istanbul hair center team. And I definitely recommend it to my friends who want to plant.
Héctor Marfull: Todo fue como se acordó. Lis estuvo siempre disponible para cualquier pregunta o duda que tuviese. El transplante se realizó en el hospital y se me hizo hasta corto.Lo recomiendo.
Бахтийор Ахмад: Assalom alaykum bu klinika juda yaxshi, hammaga tavsiya beraman. Sifati, hizmat ko'rsatishlari a'lo darajada
Günay Kemal: It was a hard decision to make. Deciding whether i should get new set of hair or not. Indicesive and anxious days ended after I contacted Birnur, she made everything easier for me from day one until the very end. She exlapined the entire journey throughly, actually cared and answered all the questions whether they were valid or irrelevant. Thanks to her i feel and look much better now. In all honesty, you will not regret working with her. Out of many people i haf contact with, she was, is and will be the best. Trust her.
Ömer Karakol: Eine Top Klinik! Vor allem der Service von der Birnur war sehr professionell.Die OP ist gut verlaufen. Ihr seid guten Händen
Canel S.: Birnur abla hat mich und meinen kollegen sehr gut betreut und beraten. Mein freund ist mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden.
Rodriguez Michael: "I tried their shampoo, and it made my scalp dry and itchy. Definitely not worth the price."
Young Jason: "The customer service at this hair company is terrible. They never respond to inquiries or address complaints."
Roberts Daniel: Their instrument of cutting is not clean and environment also bad
Caitlin Hill: I will not recommend this. Please don't visit here
hector quezada: Mi experiencia con la clínica ihc excelente súper trato de parte de todo el personal muy profesional en especial sra lis que siempre estuvo pendiente en todo momento desde la llegada asta la salida del país la recomiendo 10 de 10
Samuel Bertoli: Hola buenas me llamo Nicolás y me e echo un transplante capilar con la clínica Istanbul Hair Center y me gustaría contarles un poco lo vivido fue una experiencia excelente única en el trato desde principio a fin son súper profesionales en todo puntuales a la hora de buscarte al aeropuerto y llevarte de nuevo pero por sobre todo quiero agradecerle a Lis que ella me acompañó en todo momento desde principio a fin y sigue estando en contacto con migo aun luego de llegar a casa la verdad que si estás pensando en hacerte un transplante capilar este es tu lugar te lo recomiendo desde mi experiencia personal
sinan karaca: Çok uzun araştırmalarım sonucu İstanbul Hair Center saç ekim merkeziyle irtibata geçtim.Eşimin saç ekimi hakkında Birnur hanımla sürekli irtibat halindeydik ve sordugumuz her soruya herzaman cevap alabildik ve en önemlisi her konuda bizi aydınlattılar ve yardımcı oldular.Birnur hanımı ne zaman hangi konuda rahatsız ederseniz edin herzaman tüm samimiyetiyle sordugunuz sorulara cevap alıyorsunuz ve size herzaman zaman ayırıyor.birnur hanım konaklamamıza kadar her konuda yardımcı oldu.17 nisan eşimin saç ekim işlemi yapıldı Birnur hanım,Hüseyin hocam,Emine ve Ali çok fazla ilgililerdi gerçekten tam bir aile ortamı ve gerçekten Profesyoneller.Herşey yolunda gitti hiçbir sorunla karşılaşmadık tercihimiz ne kadar doğru oldugunu sizlerle paylaşmak istedim.Birnur hanım la bir kere görüşmeniz bu konuda sizin kafanızdaki bütün sorunların gidermeniz için yeterli olacaktır.İstanbul Hair Center kesinlikle sizi müşteri olarak görmüyor.Birnur hanıma,Hüseyin hocama ve diğer arkadaşlara çok teşekkür ederiz.
luis gabriel castro patron: Todo lo hablado con Lis fue cumplido. Siempre estuve acompañado, desde mi llegada al aeropuerto. El hotel es muy bonito. En primer lugar hay una valoración en la clínica con el doctor, luego fuimos al hospital donde se realizó el trasplante. Muy profesionales. Me pusieron más injertos de la primera valoración para que todo quedara muy bien. Lis todo el tiempo a mi lado.
tuncay cendek: Ben arkadaşım tavsiyesi üzerine İstanbul Hair Center ile tanıştım iyiki gelmişim bir çok klinik greft düşük vermişti fakat burada maksimum greft ile istediğmden çok daha fazla ekim işlemim çok başarılı bir şekilde yapıldı Hüseyin hocama ve emeği geçen tüm ekibe teşekkür ederim danışmanım Birnur hanımada bana herzaman tüm bilgileri vererek daima tüm süreçte yanımda olduğu için çok teşekkür ediyorum herkese arkadaşımın bana tavsiye ettiğ gibi bende gönül rahatlığıyla saç ekimi düşünen herkese tavsiye ederim 👍👍👍
HÜSEYİN ÖZÜPAK: Ben Samsundan geldim istanbul Hair Center Ailesl ile 2017 de ilk saç ekimim için iyi ve güvenilir bir klinik araştırmalarım sonucunda tanıştım ilk seansım çok başarılı bir şekilde istediğim gibi yapıldı sıklaştırma için tekrar 2. Seansımı yine güvendiğim İstanbul Hair Center Ailemi seçtim Hüseyn beye ve tüm ekibe çok teşekkür ediyorum emeklerine sağlık ayrıca danışmanım Birnur hanıma daima yanımda olduğu için teşekkür ederim saç ekiminiz için gönül rahatlığıyla istanbul Hair Centera gelebilirsiniz.👍👍👍
David Hamla: Prise en charge aéroport parfait. Merci à la traductrice Songu qui a été disponible durant tout le séjours. Toujours disponible pour toutes questions même après mon retour chez moi. Clinique haut de gamme, propre, personnel très pro et très sympathique. Un seul regret qu'il n'y a pas un coffret moins onéreux avec produits indispensables post opératoire ni de plaquettes explicatives : à faire et ne pas faire après l'opération. Merci. Maintenant j'attends de voir le résultat et il faut être patient 😁😁
isma hasanov: Profesyonel hizmet. Güleryüz. Ekim öncesi ayrı, ekim sonrası ilgi alakalarından çok memnun kaldım. Özellikle Birnur hanıma ve Hüseyin bey e teşekkür ediyorum, tüm arkadaşlarıma ve herkese şiddetle tavsiye ediyorum..👌👌👌👌😉😉😉10 numara 🖐️Yaldız TEŞEKKÜRLER İSTANBUL HAİR CENTER …
Philippe Roth: Excellente clinique, je la conseille fortement pour les implants capillaires. Une mention spéciale à Mme Songul pour son professionnalisme, sa disponibilité, très souriante , accueillante ainsi que le personnel de la clinique ( médecins ,Secrétaires) qui sont au top merci Philippe

10. Columbia Global Centers - Cihangir Mahallesi

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1 reviews
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Columbia Global Centers
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Address: Cihangir, 5 2 Yenihayat Apt 49, Sıraselviler Cd., 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 243 29 11

Business type: Educational institution

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