Best Alternative Theaters In Istanbul Near Me

1. Atlas Cinemas - Kuloğlu

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Atlas Cinemas
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Address: Kuloğlu, İstiklal Cd. Atlas Pasajı No:131, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 252 85 76

Business type: Movie theater

Atlas Cinemas: what do users think?
Kerem Kekeç: Cinema of the past. Although I have been coming to Beyoğlu for years, even though I have been to Yeşilçam street that long, I have always seen the exit side. I went to one of Mehmet Şimşek's movie readings. Glad I went.
Zeyneb Berre Tunca: Here, I think it is more enjoyable to watch on the balcony.I like Atlas cinema more than most cinemas. An airy living room.
Cengo Bicer: Great modern design, beautiful place, historical texture effort, kemal sunal wax statue's phone conversation with many famous celebrities was legendary, my first trip was makruh 'The ghoul stood in front of me as if it were real, if the night is full of independence 😁 the place or the place 😎 a legendary place
Harun Senkal: Choeur Ban’Afrika & PolirockAtlas sineması sahnesinde bu defa iki harika koroyu seyretme şansım oldu.Kongo kökenli Choeur Ban’Afrika korosu şarkılarını teatral olarak sırf kulağımıza değil gözümüze de zevkle hitap etti.Polirock grubu da kısa ama çok hoş farklı kategorilerden klasikleşmiş rock şarkıları ile seyirciyi coşturdular.Tebrikler 👏
Havva Gülşan: Iyı bır sinema
Rüveyda Müberra Kaplan: Gördüğüme çok sevindiğim arkasındaki pasajla aniden bambaşka bir dünyaya geçilen nostaljik sinema
Burak Dolu: Seviyorum, bu sinemayı.
ABDULKERIM ONAY: Gerçekten konforlu ve mimari olarak hoş bir salon. Sinema ya gelecekler için balkonu tavsiye etmiyorum.
ora era: Ho visto una rassegna di film turchi con sottotitoli in inglese. Stanza pienissima. Film interesante. Posto caldo e ambiente ospitale. Bar bevande calde
bobo rize: The hall was freezing ...the film quality (shinning by Kubrick) was so low...the color,the sound, everything was Bad... terrible experience!
Ege Karakuş: perfect environment
Alper ÜZÜM: There were scene-by-scene distortions in The Shining. On the other hand, the place was extremely cold.
Prince luzibo: Best experience ever
Abdullah Uygun: Don't miss the Kubrick selection 👌
Ufuk Ebruli D: The movie theater is nice, but there was no one to guide you from the entrance to the hall.
Batuhan Yılmaz: aşırı iyi sinema
Ba Bisha Bulla: Best place for kids entertainment
gulsah karlova: Güzelim Beyoğlunda bize kalan en keyifli perde. Inşallah Atlas'ta terk etmez beyoğlun'u. Artık sadece festival filmlerine perdelerini açsa da dileğim avm sinemalarına yenilmesin, festival ve bağımsız sinema havası hep var olsun.
Onur Kaplan: Stanley Kubrick Sergisi için geldik
Gürsel AKAY: Harika ortam. Sinemayı özlemişiz..
hasan poyraz: A spacious and beautiful cinema

2. Hodjapasha - Hobyar Mahallesi

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Address: Hoca Paşa, Hoca Paşa Mahallesi Ankara Caddesi, Hocapaşa Hamamı Sk. No:3 D:B, 34110 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 511 46 26

Business type: Performing arts theater

Hodjapasha: what do users think?
Silvia Ubaldi: Bellissimo spettacolo, molto mistico e suggestivo.
nadine crausaz: Bof bof touristique et cher
Bader Alenazi: Good experience , but the staff not professional, they didn't allowed us to enter becausewe we came late ( after the show started within 8 minutes) , but we challenged her based on the condition on the website ( it's not allowed after 15 minutes )
Eric Li: The best place to immerse yourself into Sufism in Istanbul.
Rabea Hasadia: מצויין
Eduard Navalles: Ves a veure-ho, si et sobra temps. L'espai és reduït, gairebé íntim. Potser és una cisterna reformada, una torre... en tot cas, s'escau a l'espectacle de dervixos giratoris molt millor que si fos un gran teatre.No em sento capacitat per jutjar la qualitat dels ballarins, però després d'una hora recitant, tocant música i donant voltes, em quedo amb la sensació que és un espectacle per a turistes i no una comunió espiritual. S'agraeix l'advertiment sobre no aplaudir, perquè si no podria semblar un tablao flamenco.
Stiof T: Very entertaining. Excellent way to spend an hour. Highly talented varied show of differing dancing acts. Would recommend the Rhythm of the Night to anyone wanting a cultural experience of Istanbul.
Sumaiya Khatun: Enjoyed the spiritual and magical moments of hodjapasha show.
Himani Avasthi: It was quiet and soothing.
Daniel Artus: Es un buen espectáculo que si bien lo describen como ceremonia religiosa, no deja de parecer un buen show armado para el público que asiste.
Anna Siskova: I was second tíme here, Rhytm of the dance, funtastic👍
Monika SZKLANNY KACAR: Klimatyczne miejsce proponujące nie tylko Semę Wirujących Derwiszy ale i pokazy Orientalne wieczorem.
Claude Castellino: Un spectacle fort agréable chargé croissance à voir
Selçuk Demir: scènes, spectacle à couper le souffle !
Andrea Tricarico: Bellissimo spettacolo
Ewros Ewros: It was awesome! Turkish dance and music, lots of colors, and professional dancers!It's a great way to experience Turkish nightlife 🕺
truong léo: Ce n'est pas un spectacle. C'est une expérience spirituelle d'unité et méditative. Si vous allez avec un mental agité vous risquez très vite de vous ennuyer. Car mise à part tourner sur eux-même, il n'y a rien d'autre qui passe. Mais si vous arrivez à rentrer dans l'expérience, peut-être découvrirez-vous le plus précieux
Josef Lughofer: Leider keine Fotos oder Videos erlaubt. Viel zu teuer !! Daher schlecht !!!!
Jaze Thomas: We attended the Dancing Dervishes show. This is not for everyone and is totally understandable if one gets a bit bored. This (as of May '23) is only offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Hence it can get a bit crowded and is advisable to get tickets early. The show itself is VERY slow and is based on Islamic Sufism. No photography or videos allowed for this show.
Mihaela Alexie: Extraordinara experienta, un spectacol plin de spiritualitate și încărcat de emoție, foarte frumos.
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich: Unbelievable show, I recommend everyone who is visiting Istanbul to see it

3. Cinemaximum - 19 Mayıs Mahallesi

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Address: Büyükdere Cad.Cevahir Avm, D:no:22,Kat 2, 34360 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 850 220 0967

Business type: Movie theater

4. Kadir Has University - Cibali Mahallesi

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Kadir Has University
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Address: Cibali, Kadir Has Cd., 34083 Cibali / Fatih/Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 533 65 32

Business type: University

Kadir Has University: what do users think?
Stefan Schneider: Pulling down - Not Affordable Even With Their Not True Discount Policies - This University Is For Not Rational Customers / Students Who Gets the Right With the Most Affordable, Time Efficient And Educating. This University Lacks the Science Division. Having No Hospital Is A Big Failure For This Much Of Money Consumption, Wants Less Grades To Come Here, But Wants Much More Education Than They Provide To Their Customers / Students. You Pay Money To Get A Good Result Which Makes All Of You Customers, But You Don’t Get Any Good Result From This University At All.Don’t Make A Mistake To Come Here, Go To A University Like Medipol For Example, With Better Academic Staffs, With Hospitals And Good Value And Customer Service To Be Well Educated.You’re Also A Consumer By Who Purchased Goods And Services Indeed, But This University’s Consumer Surplus Is Currently Decreasing As Well. They Are Trying To Show Them Themselves As the Opposite Of Having Decreasing Consumer Surplus Which Does Not Resembling the Truth.My Friend Was A Student At Here And Regretted To Be At Here. He Could Be A Scientist As Well. This University Is To Be Not Recommended. Don’t Ruin Your Life.
Gulgun Benek: Kadir Has university, once Cibali Regie Administration is the tobacco factory bullding which started operation in 1884. When Ottoman Government decided to monopolize the tobacco industry, the first goal was to clear budget deficits. The first step toward this was giving the monopoly to two prominent Greek bankers and businessmen, Zarifi and Zographos. However, the income splitting between these two was short of being satisfactory for the Government. Following several attempts, finally a new consortium unifying foreign investment with the same government investment was established. Management of the tobacco factory was given to Regie Française. Manufacture of cigarettes and alcoholic drinks passed to the state monopoly following the proclamation of the republic and this factory was expropriated in the year 1925.This situation went on until the time privatizations had begun and state monopolies had been repealed. Factory building here which had been closed for a while was purchased by Kadir Has and became Kadir Has University.In fact, some photos are of the remains previous tobacco factory, which is bought and transformed.The building achieved the E.U Restoration Award at 2004.There is also another museum, Rezzan Has museum, just next to it.
Aynur: Harika bir yer harika bir seminer teşekkürler
akhila aluri: Library and labs are very good.
Naveen Chandra: Great place
Rose Roshu: Hi team please note please don't believe this these all paid review for one good feedback team is paying 50 rs who all given 5 star and good feedback it's all fraud don't believe this and go for this university.if u all need i have all the screenshot.
Khwomwn Basumatary: amazing
Urban Wearo: There are fests grandly conducted every year. There are many course books and other books as well in the library. The classrooms are quite good. There are sports and other competitions held like singing, dancing, art, etc.
Bhavana S: Good university
babita sahu: One of the Good university
Karthik Arulalan: Beautiful campus. Has lot of programs
BISMAYA: Awesome place
Subhasis Bosu: Good University to study
Aryan Avanth: Beautiful Location
S.saravanan Suraj: Such a very nice place thery did warm welcoming its very helpful to find the best quality of treating people
vijay nath: Best university
Renuka Kamal: Good University
Dt. Shraddha Jagtap: Great University awesome environment
Abhijith M: Good choice in terms of all aspects
Nithya Sivakumar: Nice place for education

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